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  • Where Can Your Books Lead You?

    Books have for a long time served as a way to visit other worlds and explore the life experiences of other people. By absorbing the knowledge of people who have experienced things you are going through or hope to go through, you can fast track your path to achievement. At SOSS Door Hardware we build the best invisible hinges on the market and with those hinges you can build some cool book shelf doors. In this article we will show you how.

    On the other hand, by being swept away into the world of a fiction book, you can take your mind off the present and enter into another world.

    For many people who have established large collections of their favorite books, their bookshelves are their favorite feature of their home. While many people enjoy looking at the titles of their books lined up neatly on the shelf, others use their bookcases to separate their secret rooms from the rest of their home.

    By using SOSS invisible hinges, you too can have a bookshelf that doubles as a hidden entrance! If you are looking for some inspiration, here are just a few of the option available.

    The Smallest Bookcase

    If you have a more modest collection of books or want to simply make a tiny hiding spot, consider the smallest of the bookcase collection. At 18” wide by 35” high with a material thickness of 1” and weighing just 49 pounds, you will be able to store your favorite books and other memorabilia while hiding your valuables in plain sight. By using 3 model #208 invisible hinges, you can make this bookcase look completely unsuspicious to the untrained eye!

    SOSS Invisible Hinges for Cabinetry is Ideal for Small Cabinets

    A Medium Bookcase

    If you have a few more books that you’d like to display, or want to hide something a little larger, consider going with the medium bookcase. A bit taller at 72” high by 36” wide with a material thickness of 2” and weighing 200 pounds, you will be able to showcase your favorite novel series and then some using 4 model #220 hinges. On the other side of the door, you could hide a large safe or even a secret room if your guests over 6 feet don’t mind watching their head as they enter!

    SOSS Invisible Hinges for Doors are ideal for this book case door

    The Largest Bookcase

    For the avid book collector or someone looking to hide a secret room, the largest bookcase will get the job done right. At 146” tall by 47” wide with a material thickness of 2-3/8” and weighing 990 pounds, this bookcase can certainly serve as an entrance into your secret reading room! With the size of this bookcase, 9 model #220 invisible hinges will allow you to hang it properly with your guests just seeing the grand size of your book collection!

    SOSS Invisible Hinges Makes Hinges for this large hidden book case door as well

    With all of these options, there is sure to be something that will make a wonderful addition to your home. Use SOSS invisible hinges to create your own secret space.

  • How Long Do You Want Your House to Last?

    Luxury Homes use SOSS Door HardwareSOSS Door Hardware designs and builds products that outlast leading competitors. If you plan to stay in your home a long time then plan on using SOSS Door Hardware. Studies have shown that the average homeowner will move around every seven years. As with most studies, that is just an average of all home buying transactions. So, some people live in a home for a much shorter time frame and many stay in their home much longer.

    The point is, there are many people who are still looking to live in a “forever” home.

    If you are one of the individuals or family that does want to spend most of your life in one dwelling, you want it to be made to last. Homes can easily last 100 years or more, but not unless they are built well—using only the best materials.

    The house can come together beautifully using both inexpensive and expensive products. However, better pieces in your home’s puzzle means less maintenance and a longer lasting dwelling.

    So, what are some of the differences? Let’s take a look in both things you see and don’t see.

    The Things You See

    What you use to build the outside and interior of the home is vital to maintaining the look and feel you desire. If you were trying to sell in a few years or so, you’d want to go with relatively inexpensive and muted tones.

    Although, we’re talking about a forever kind of home. That’s why you see so many older homes on the market with pink bathrooms and wood paneling.

    The people who lived there were in it for the long haul. If you want to be satisfied with your home, pick the things you have and will always love. It’s your home and you don’t plan on going anywhere fast.

    Pick the best materials, too. Things like brick, real wood, and quality stone. Countertops that can stand heat without warping or changing. A roof that will last a long time for the climate. Floors that can stand kids, grandkids, and even great grandkids running on them.

    SOSS Invisible Hinges - The Things You Don’t See

    Arguably more important than the things you see are the ones you don’t. All the materials that are working behind the scenes to keep things working properly. At SOSS Door Hardware we design and build products you DON'T see and sometimes it is what you don't see that adds the elegance and clean lines to fine homes.

    Sadly, this is where a lot of homeowners don’t take longevity into account. You see, the homes that last 100+ years are the ones that have quality components through and through. Choosing the best here is going to mean a lot less maintenance and costly problems as you move through life in your forever home.

    Get nice copper pipes to stand up to a century of water and waste. High end wiring and fixtures to keep everything flowing properly. Door and cabinet hardware that can handle being open and shut for decades.

    Our SOSS Invisible Hinges have been used by the best architects, contractors, and homeowners in the world. They have been used in many places you’ve heard about, too. Why? They last. Find a SOSS dealer today.

  • How to Create Secret Places and Rooms in Your Hotel

    Attract more bookings by using SOSS invisible hinges in your hotel

    The travel industry as a whole is experiencing some pretty awesome growth. From air fare to touristy destinations and of course —hospitality. The meteoric rise is being met with more supply. Airlines, hot spots, and hoteliers are upping their game to acquire a bigger piece of the travel industry. Out-of-the-box style thinking is the new norm for newer builds. SOSS invisible hinges can be just what you need for that out of the box thinking.

    At the early part of the growth, just making your hotel a bit more intimate and unique allowed you to slap the title “boutique” onto your name and that also meant having a younger crowd that filled your rooms. Fast forward to the present and that word is borderline cliché. It’s going to take some bigger ideas to make your location stand out among the toughening crowd.

    This post focuses on one. Secret places and rooms.


    Whether it’s the novelty factor or the theory that we never really grow up at heart, these secret rooms (where created) have been a headline feature for some hotels. You have to admit, if guests are on their favorite travel site comparing the options and a hotel has a hidden (and functional) space; you may just win their business over the competition.

    Let’s go over some of the reasons and potential uses for a secret space in your hotel.

    Reasons to Have One

    We’ve already touched on differentiation, but there are several other reasons to put a hidden room or corridor in your lodging.

    Word of Mouth

    When you first build the space you may get some attention, but by and large, guests staying with you may not know about your room until they get there.

    That’s perfectly fine.

    In fact, it may be better that your “secret” place may not draw a ton of exposure through media and online thoroughfare. Guests finding out about your hidden features will feel like they’ve stumbled upon a bonus at arrival. It’s sure to leave an impression that they tell their friends and colleagues about.

    Keeps Traffic Inside

    Business travelers are in town for work, but there are several hours of leisure on most business trips. If there isn’t anything exciting in your hotel, they may look elsewhere for entertainment. This fact may be why you have a restaurant and other amenities.

    Imagine if those features are hidden in your hotel. The foods good, but the atmosphere would be worth talking about (more on that in a minute).

    Ideas for Using Them

    A hidden room/hallway/space is only as good as it’s function. You can’t just throw some invisible hinges on a section of wall and expect people to push it open and see an empty space. A couple of points on this:

    • The place you hide has to draw people in, being hidden only in physical nature, but well known in the mind of guests. Find inventive ways to lets your occupants know it’s there.
    • There has to be a good use of the space. It can’t be a boring sitting area or empty space, it should be the coolest space on your property.

    Here are a couple of ideas to help.


    You could go full-fledged function with your hotel’s restaurant having a hidden entrance. However, we recommend having a bona fide opening to the public. This hidden spot could have a “regular” door and one hidden and only accessible to guests from inside the hotel. We want it to be fun, not drive away would be business.

    Restaurant’s Watering Hole

    We understand that some business folks love to have a night cap after a long day of travelling. How cool would it be to have a hidden space within the public restaurant? You have to pull on a bust of William Shakespeare to access the intimate room with the barkeep lovingly drying glasses upon entry.

    Every time those guests are in town, you know where they’d be staying.

    Complete Novelty

    If you are a boutique and have some themed rooms, it could be a neat trick to have some secret passageways leading to the lobby or restaurant.

    Fun Fact: The Sealbach in Louisville, KY use to frequent a popular gangster in the early part of the 1900’s. There was a secret passage built for him to escape from authorities if needed. Both the hotel and passageway are still there today (something to think about).

    Choosing Style & Function

    Getting your own secret space will take some planning, but here are some brief tips.

    Pick a Style: There are a few ways to play with your new space.

    • It could literally be underground by using less storage space in the basement of your hotel, or it could be made to look like it’s underground to take your guests into that mindset upon entry.
    • You can choose a theme that goes along with it (e.g. Mafia, ancient cavern, Indiana Jones style). There are a lot of options here so get creative.
    • Think about your clientele. If you have an older community, a 1920’s mafia style may make them nostalgic (a good thing). Take a look at your usual crowd and enhance their experience.

    Pick a Function: Sure, the hidden room is out-of-the-box, but you can take it even further. Here are a few ideas.

    • The obvious choices are still good. Your restaurant, a hidden path to a common area, use your current space more effectively and make it a huge selling point and not just a place that everyone else has.
    • Use the places that people congregate. Pools and Jacuzzi areas are prime spots to make a hidden entrance, or even make the entire space an adventure.
    • Or, you could make an entirely new feature. If you have a ton of unused space or a decent budget; you could go all out. Make a hidden room and turn it into an escape challenge (very popular). Experiential entertainment is growing faster than the hospitality industry. A fun place for guests (and locals) is sure to draw attention and some serious revenue.

    Use Quality Products

    Build it Well: If you are an independent hotel, we hope you understand the need for cleanliness and overall quality of the service and location. Nevertheless, here are our best tips to build an incredible hidden space.

    • It needs to be a showstopper. Take your time with design and renderings. Make sure that the entrance is well hidden, but breathtaking once guests get inside. If the entrance is the coolest part, it will solely be a novelty. In this case, it’s both about the journey and the destination.
    • Use quality materials. This should go without saying, but the materials and hardware need to handle the traffic you hope to achieve. Build it to last by using things like our invisible hinges. They’re perfect for building hidden entrances that will last decades under the pressure of popularity and high-traffic.
    • Make it seamless. If it’s hidden, it needs to start out looking like everything else. Blended in with the features of your current design. That said, when they open it to the (insert your idea here), it should be like nothing else they’ve seen.

    Get Going

    Now it’s time to take out a sheet of paper and go for a stroll around your property. Put on the child-like mind and be adventurous. If you need some help with the materials, check out one of our dealers or click here to find out more about our hinges.

  • The Bookcase That Leads to the Unknown

    Open Book next to Wine GlassFor years and years, books have been able to take our minds to worlds we wouldn’t be able to even imagine. The worlds that authors are able to create allow us to disconnect from our daily lives and experience life through someone else’s eyes.

    With all the power books have, doesn’t it make sense to display them in a unique and exciting way? With a bookcase that doubles as a secret passageway, you can create a space in your home unlike any other.


    Invisible Hinges are the Key

    Once you have decided to add this incredible feature into your home, it’s time to decide which option best suits you. With 3 different sizes of SOSS invisible hinges, you can incorporate these bookcases in a variety of ways. The SOSS invisible hinges allow you to create a seamless look which will never sag or have to adjusted, keeping your secrets safe.

    Unlike leading "adjustable hinges" our hinges are built on stacks of solid steel plates that hold up to heavier weights without failing. Leading "adjustable hinges" has all the weight rest on a couple of hidden adjustment screws. You need to constantly adjust them because they start failing almost immediately. This is not the type of hinge you need or want if your building a door designed to serve as a bookshelf.

    Large Bookcase

    The largest bookcase that doubles as a hidden entrance to your secret room comes in at 146” tall, 47” wide, weighing 990 pounds with material that is 2-3/8” thick. By using 9 model #220 invisible hinges, you can secure your bookcase that will easily fit your literary collection while also dividing your secret room from the rest of your house.

    Medium Bookcase

    If you would like to have a sizeable bookcase that doubles as a secret door but don’t need the space of the large bookcase, there is a slightly smaller bookcase that may suit your needs. At 6 feet tall by 3 feet wide, the medium bookcase could still serve as a hidden entrance to a private room in your home, but anyone over 6 feet will have to duck down a bit as they enter. As this case is significantly lighter at 200 pounds, 4 model #220 invisible hinges will do.

    Small Bookcase

    Last but certainly not least is the smallest bookcase of the line up coming in at 35” tall by 18” wide and weighing just 49 pounds. While you probably won’t be using this bookcase as a hidden door into a secret room, it still can be a great accent in any home. Capable of hiding your prized possessions such as a safe or other hiding spot, this small bookcase can fit a collection of books or even a collection of wine!

    If you are looking to really make your home your own, consider how these different bookcases could help you achieve it. Create your personal secret space with SOSS invisible hinges and let your imagination guide you.


  • How a Bookcase Can Make Your Space Unique

    Girl Reading in Secret SpaceRemember playing as a child and dreaming of secret rooms, boxes and clubs as part of your play. Thinking how neat it would be if you could actually have those spaces. At SOSS Door Hardware we have products that can make those childhood fantasies a reality. With our Invisible Hinges, you can design all kinds of practical and secret spaces. You can create bookcase doors, safe rooms, and secret cabinets to hide valuables. Over the next few articles we will be showing you ways to use our products to do just that.

    When it comes to crafting the perfect space to call home, there are countless choices that need to be made. From kitchen cabinets to bedroom furnishings, the ways you can bring your own unique style to your home are endless. A great way to make your home your own is to showcase your library in a well-made, quality bookcase. By having a bookcase, you can properly showcase the books you have accumulated over the years as well as bring some unique styling to your library.

    If you are looking for some really interesting ways to incorporate a bookcase into your space, check out these uncommon uses of bookcases.

    As an Entrance

    While having a bookcase as an entry point into a room of your house may not be the most common, it certainly is one of the coolest ways to separate one room from another.

    By making good use of 9 model #220 invisible hinges, you can create a grand entrance into your very own secret reading room. With a large bookcase that is 146” high by 47” wide by 2-3/8” thick and weighs 990 pounds, you will be able to experience a feeling of awe every time you open the grand “door” into your private reading area.

    Invisible Bookcase Door Created with SOSS Invisible Hinges

    If you still want to create a world of your own but are looking for a bit smaller of a bookcase to separate the room from the rest of the house, you’re in luck. By using just 4 model #220 invisible hinges, you can have a more modest sized bookshelf measuring 72” high by 36” wide by 2” thick and weighing about 200 pounds.

    Hidden Room Created with SOSS Invisible Hinges

    As a Hiding Spot

    If you don’t see yourself having any hidden rooms inside your house anytime soon but still want to have a hiding spot behind your wall of knowledge, consider a smaller bookcase with SOSS invisible hinges.

    A perfect spot to hide your safe or other valuables is a bookcase between your prized possessions and the rest of your home. With 3 model #208 hinges, you can have your very own bookcase measuring 35” high by 18” wide by 1” thick coming in a just 49 pounds. With a bookcase this size, you will not only be able to have your secret spot within your home, but you will also be able to display wine or any other favorite items you need to!

    By using these different shelves in unique ways, you can make your home unlike any other. SOSS invisible hinges are the perfect way to add a secret space, create character and value within your home.


  • Dump Butt Hinges Use Invisible Hinges Instead

    More and more people are opting to build a new home instead of buying an existing structure. This can be a great way to get exactly what you want, but there are still dangers to any home buying situation.

    For instance, many new neighborhoods that are popping up have packages that you choose from. Depending on how much you want to spend, the materials used may not be as high quality as you would like. This is dangerous, because even though the home looks the way you want it—the materials are not made to last.

    The fixtures and hardware are the things that won’t be looked at as closely and are often the things that wreak the most havoc a few years down the road.

    One of those things are stock (usually inexpensive) butt hinges. These are the “traditional” style hinges that stick out of doors and cabinets.

    Most builders put little time or thought into buying hinges, but this decision could impact the style and quality of your home. Here are a couple of reasons why.

    Droopy Doors

    The first days after you move into your new build, things are awesome. Everything smells new and works just the way you imagined. However, after just a couple of years of use things start to change.

    Sure, there is maintenance involved, but there shouldn’t be maintenance on your doors and hinges. When doors droop, you find yourself ruining floors and carpet and hearing awful noises and squeaks coming from your cabinets. These inconveniences can start just months after your first night in the home and can be incredibly frustrating.

    Style and Design

    When you envision your home and the design of the interior, how much thought did you put into the aesthetics of hinges?

    Our guess is very little. That’s because hinges aren’t often thought of during the design phase, but they should be. Most people consider hinges purely functional, but the right hinge can be both functional and a high point in design. If you want clean lines and high functionality from your doors and kitchen/bathroom cabinets—you won’t be using butt hinges. Use SOSS Invisible hinges.

    Building to Last

    You’ve seen a traditional hinge. Flimsy metal, sensitive to rust and frequently get painted over. If you really care for your home, it will only be a few years before you end up having to change out a few of them. Choosing the right hinges can seriously decrease the level of maintenance of your home. There are documented cases of SOSS hinges installed 100 years ago that are still in place today and still going strong! That is quality you can count on today, tomorrow and many years into the future.

    The Invisible Hinge Fix

    With properly installed SOSS invisible hinges, you will never have to worry about doors and cabinets causing these problems. Our quality steel body construction makes sure that doors won’t need adjustments over time and won’t squeak. Also, once they are in, the door will open and close correctly for decades and the very best part is you will never look at ugly pins sticking out from a typical butt hinge. Instead you will see clean lines and beautiful design.

  • Inexpensive Design Tips to Make Your Boutique Hotel Stand Out

    When looking at how to separate your boutique hotel from the competition, it may seem like there is no way to win without simply outspending your main competitors. While doing the shopping for your hotel may be a whole lot of fun, paying the bills isn’t usually as exciting.

    If you are looking for some ways to make your boutique hotel unique without breaking the bank, check out these inexpensive design tips below.

    Spruce Up Your Paint Job

    Even though painting is something that can be very time consuming, it will need to be done anyway. You wouldn’t just leave bare drywall up for your guests to look at, would you?

    By taking some time to paint walls different colors that make the lobby, rooms, and hallways really stand out, you can begin to create a unique experience for your guests that will keep them coming back time and time again.

    Have Some Fun in the Lobby

    Throughout any hotel experience, the lobby is the first and last place seen by the guests. Because your guests will have your lobby as the first and last impressions of your entire hotel, doesn’t it make sense to make it a unique, welcoming place to be?

    If you want to set yourself apart from other hotels, take some time to really make your lobby as welcoming as possible. Try finding some memorabilia specific to the town your hotel is located in and use it as decoration inside the lobby.

    You can help your guests to experience your town and hotel like they wouldn’t be able to experience it any other place. By checking out your local flea market, antique stores, and even garage sales, you can pull this off on the cheap.

    Use Invisible Hinges for Clean Lines and Quality Functions

    If a guest is staying at your boutique hotel, they want a boutique experience. With that desire comes the expectation of quality and clean style.

    By using SOSS invisible hinges in cabinets, closets, and throughout common areas, you can let your guests enjoy all the beauty your hotel has to offer while keeping things functional for a high quality stay in your hotel.

    Being unique doesn’t have to mean outspending your competition. By taking some time to think about how your guests experience your hotel, you can make some small changes that will have enormous effects on the quality of their stay.

  • Can Your Hotel Make the Hotel Impossible Cut?

    Maybe you’ve watched the popular show called Hotel Impossible. It was created (and is hosted) by Anthony Melchiorri to help failing hotels by giving them a wake-up call. Unfortunately, some of the lodgings are near train wreck level when Anthony shows up.

    He has a week and a limited budget to get the business back on the right track. The owners come away with a little humility, some goodies, and great advice from a pro.

    How does that effect you (the architect, designer, or hotel owner)?

    Simple. Your name will be attached to that place, forever. It’s part of your portfolio and, if it’s great work, it will be remembered positively. If it’s ran into the ground, not so much. But is there a way to help keep it in good health simply with your design.

    We think so. Here are a couple of quick tips.

    Do Your Homework

    You may have some limitations on where the hotel will be located, but there are other things you can do to tip the scale back in your favor. Still, you can consider other buildings from the past that have had staying power in a community. Every city area is going to have ups and downs in popularity, but there are always structures that are well kept and active.

    Hotels are already places that are constantly full of people. Find a couple of other key design elements (functional or aesthetic) that seem to be shared by popular area buildings.

    Be Timelessly Trendy

    There are trends and timeless looks. Trends can last a generation, but timeless designs never grow old. Putting in things that don’t go out of style will help your hotel stay relevant longer (and hopefully well taken care of).

    Imagine how many hotels in South Florida have either traded in the pastels of the 80’s or gone out of business. There are a lot of hotel architects who are catering exclusively to the millennial crowd. While they are the next traveler, it may be just that generation who likes those certain elements.

    What should be a focus instead?

    Solid Choices

    The most important step to helping any building you design stay relevant is to ensure it’s built well. Keeping the thing together with solid hardware and making sure it can last until the next generation is half the battle of making it stay off Anthony’s bad list.

    Having a clean modern and unique design that isn’t easily forgotten will help as well. Take hotels such as the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore or the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver. Both hotels have a modern and clean design and both sport SOSS Door Hardware throughout to help them get and maintain that design edge.

    Our Invisible hinges not only help you create timeless clean lines that have been enjoyed by several generations, they are also crafted to be the strongest invisible hinge on the market and don’t have the weaknesses of adjustable hinges. Once they’re installed, your doors will open and close every day the building stays standing. Visit or site to find a dealer near you.

    If you are looking for more information about hospitality design trends please take a moment to download our free hospitality design guide today.

  • Finding the Best: A Breakdown of ADA Compliant Door Hardware

    The American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) was crafted to assist those with certain ailments to have the same level of access as the able bodied. Over the years this has led to regulations in many industries, including door hardware.

    Many architects and builders feel like they are stuck with a standard door lever and just design around it. There are other options when it comes to getting a door open (more on that in a minute).

    Here’s a look at a few of the door hardware pieces that typically go into any public building and the best cases for use each.

    Hydraulic Closer

    Heavy doors are common in public places, and having the ability for them to close behind a person comes in handy. Imagine a person with a walker or in a wheelchair needs access to a room behind a door. Without a hydraulic closer, they may be put in an unsafe predicament trying to close the door behind them (especially if it’s heavy).

    This piece of equipment saves countless people from falling or sustaining injury by allowing them to pass all the way into the room before the door closes securely behind them, without the need for assistance.

    Door Lever

    If you’ve been in any public building in the U.S. you’ve seen a lever door handle. The type of handle you see in a private home (a knob) isn’t easy to turn if you have limited mobility in your hands. Some individuals have an impairment (e.g. arthritis) or lack the strength/ability to turn the knob and regulations require that ADA compliant door handles be installed in every public place.

    Unfortunately, the “standard” levers aren’t great for all public spaces.

    Being limited to a lever may be fine in an office or school, but for those who design lodgings for the elderly or disabled it may not be the best option.

    Handles still require wrist strength and a turning twisting motion to open a door. If you design nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics, or other facilities that will be frequented or inhabited by a large disabled population, these handles may not be the best option.

    A Better ADA Compliant Door Handle

    Our UltraLatch door handle can be the answer to helping those less able open doors without having to turn their wrists at all. You simply push or pull our handle and the door is unlatched. If the door opens out, the handle allows for a stable door pull. If it opens inwardly, you can just push your weight into the door handle and gain entry (or exit).

    Our door hardware has helped thousands of architects and builders make their designs both beautiful and functional as well giving them the highest ADA compliant door hardware on the market. Find out more about the SOSS UltraLatch here.


  • Modern vs. Classic: Fusing the Old and New in Hospitality Design

    The golden age of hotels brought us ornate and lavish features including large moldings, vast amounts of granite (among other stones), and gilded hardware. These statements of style are almost but a memory, but still have an impact on design today.

    In contrast, during the traveling era of the 1950’s and 60’s, many families would spend weeks at a time on the road. Driving from county to county until they reached a hotel or motel on the side of the road. The group would catch some shut eye and hit the road at first light to their next stop.

    This period of lodging was based around minimalistic needs and price, rather than comforts and luxury.

    The first brought sophistication and exclusivity. The latter turned hotels into an industry for all to join in. Now, it’s changing again.

    The New Era

    In the era of the millennial traveler we seemingly have a merger of the two. Business travelers still do look for a place to rest their head in between work, and families are looking to find affordable hotels.

    For some traveling Millennials old is new and a unique experience with each stay is at the top of the checklist.

    With hotels bidding for guests’ attention, it can be difficult to attract guests during the industry’s identity crisis. The solution?

    Fuse the experiences together to form a new experience for a new patron.

    Finding the Core Desires

    Fortunately, the two examples had drastically different approaches to dealing with guests. Before you think this is a negative, think again. The polarized needs help you identify what current guests want in terms of design.


    It’s obvious that early hoteliers focused on providing a one of a kind experience for guests. This included everything their eyes came in contact with from floor to ceiling. While most new travelers don’t want to stay in a 100+ year old hotel, you can be sure they want to feel like everything is quality.

    From the lobby to their room, everything has to be modern, clean and smooth. Spa like bathrooms, functional and beautiful furniture, and great features. They’ll also want to feel the quality in the craftsmanship. Poor quality materials and hardware can give a cheap feel to an otherwise beautiful design. One way to make your design stand out to guests is with quality door hardware that creates clean lines and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your rooms and common areas.


    On the other side of the coin, those same travelers don’t want to be bogged down with processes and other issues. Streamlining the check-in/check-out procedures, designing large open spaces meant for a laptop crowd, and always having a power supply close by will meet all of the practical needs of the passing through traveler.

    A place to grab a bite to eat near the lobby, a USB port right by the bed, and not having to ask the whereabouts of certain necessities will keep the road warriors happy.


    In the golden age of hotels with the classic styles connectivity meant telegrams quickly delivered to important guests. Today it is a fast and secure Wi-Fi. Travelers today are used to be always being connected to the world around them through social media and electronic communications. A fast (and complimentary) Wi-Fi can mean the difference between a traveler choosing your hotel or not.

    If your hotel can bring luxury, excellent service, a unique experience and connectivity together you will be on the fast track to serving more guests and business growth. At SOSS we can help with the unique experience by giving you quality door hardware that appears in some of the world’s great hotels such as Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver.

    If you are interested in learning more about hospitality trends take a moment to download our free special report on the hospitality design trends.

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