Secret Rooms

  • Where Can Your Books Lead You?

    Books have for a long time served as a way to visit other worlds and explore the life experiences of other people. By absorbing the knowledge of people who have experienced things you are going through or hope to go through, you can fast track your path to achievement. At SOSS Door Hardware we build the best invisible hinges on the market and with those hinges you can build some cool book shelf doors. In this article we will show you how.

    On the other hand, by being swept away into the world of a fiction book, you can take your mind off the present and enter into another world.

    For many people who have established large collections of their favorite books, their bookshelves are their favorite feature of their home. While many people enjoy looking at the titles of their books lined up neatly on the shelf, others use their bookcases to separate their secret rooms from the rest of their home.

    By using SOSS invisible hinges, you too can have a bookshelf that doubles as a hidden entrance! If you are looking for some inspiration, here are just a few of the option available.

    The Smallest Bookcase

    If you have a more modest collection of books or want to simply make a tiny hiding spot, consider the smallest of the bookcase collection. At 18” wide by 35” high with a material thickness of 1” and weighing just 49 pounds, you will be able to store your favorite books and other memorabilia while hiding your valuables in plain sight. By using 3 model #208 invisible hinges, you can make this bookcase look completely unsuspicious to the untrained eye!

    SOSS Invisible Hinges for Cabinetry is Ideal for Small Cabinets

    A Medium Bookcase

    If you have a few more books that you’d like to display, or want to hide something a little larger, consider going with the medium bookcase. A bit taller at 72” high by 36” wide with a material thickness of 2” and weighing 200 pounds, you will be able to showcase your favorite novel series and then some using 4 model #220 hinges. On the other side of the door, you could hide a large safe or even a secret room if your guests over 6 feet don’t mind watching their head as they enter!

    SOSS Invisible Hinges for Doors are ideal for this book case door

    The Largest Bookcase

    For the avid book collector or someone looking to hide a secret room, the largest bookcase will get the job done right. At 146” tall by 47” wide with a material thickness of 2-3/8” and weighing 990 pounds, this bookcase can certainly serve as an entrance into your secret reading room! With the size of this bookcase, 9 model #220 invisible hinges will allow you to hang it properly with your guests just seeing the grand size of your book collection!

    SOSS Invisible Hinges Makes Hinges for this large hidden book case door as well

    With all of these options, there is sure to be something that will make a wonderful addition to your home. Use SOSS invisible hinges to create your own secret space.

  • How to Create Secret Places and Rooms in Your Hotel

    Attract more bookings by using SOSS invisible hinges in your hotel

    The travel industry as a whole is experiencing some pretty awesome growth. From air fare to touristy destinations and of course —hospitality. The meteoric rise is being met with more supply. Airlines, hot spots, and hoteliers are upping their game to acquire a bigger piece of the travel industry. Out-of-the-box style thinking is the new norm for newer builds. SOSS invisible hinges can be just what you need for that out of the box thinking.

    At the early part of the growth, just making your hotel a bit more intimate and unique allowed you to slap the title “boutique” onto your name and that also meant having a younger crowd that filled your rooms. Fast forward to the present and that word is borderline cliché. It’s going to take some bigger ideas to make your location stand out among the toughening crowd.

    This post focuses on one. Secret places and rooms.


    Whether it’s the novelty factor or the theory that we never really grow up at heart, these secret rooms (where created) have been a headline feature for some hotels. You have to admit, if guests are on their favorite travel site comparing the options and a hotel has a hidden (and functional) space; you may just win their business over the competition.

    Let’s go over some of the reasons and potential uses for a secret space in your hotel.

    Reasons to Have One

    We’ve already touched on differentiation, but there are several other reasons to put a hidden room or corridor in your lodging.

    Word of Mouth

    When you first build the space you may get some attention, but by and large, guests staying with you may not know about your room until they get there.

    That’s perfectly fine.

    In fact, it may be better that your “secret” place may not draw a ton of exposure through media and online thoroughfare. Guests finding out about your hidden features will feel like they’ve stumbled upon a bonus at arrival. It’s sure to leave an impression that they tell their friends and colleagues about.

    Keeps Traffic Inside

    Business travelers are in town for work, but there are several hours of leisure on most business trips. If there isn’t anything exciting in your hotel, they may look elsewhere for entertainment. This fact may be why you have a restaurant and other amenities.

    Imagine if those features are hidden in your hotel. The foods good, but the atmosphere would be worth talking about (more on that in a minute).

    Ideas for Using Them

    A hidden room/hallway/space is only as good as it’s function. You can’t just throw some invisible hinges on a section of wall and expect people to push it open and see an empty space. A couple of points on this:

    • The place you hide has to draw people in, being hidden only in physical nature, but well known in the mind of guests. Find inventive ways to lets your occupants know it’s there.
    • There has to be a good use of the space. It can’t be a boring sitting area or empty space, it should be the coolest space on your property.

    Here are a couple of ideas to help.


    You could go full-fledged function with your hotel’s restaurant having a hidden entrance. However, we recommend having a bona fide opening to the public. This hidden spot could have a “regular” door and one hidden and only accessible to guests from inside the hotel. We want it to be fun, not drive away would be business.

    Restaurant’s Watering Hole

    We understand that some business folks love to have a night cap after a long day of travelling. How cool would it be to have a hidden space within the public restaurant? You have to pull on a bust of William Shakespeare to access the intimate room with the barkeep lovingly drying glasses upon entry.

    Every time those guests are in town, you know where they’d be staying.

    Complete Novelty

    If you are a boutique and have some themed rooms, it could be a neat trick to have some secret passageways leading to the lobby or restaurant.

    Fun Fact: The Sealbach in Louisville, KY use to frequent a popular gangster in the early part of the 1900’s. There was a secret passage built for him to escape from authorities if needed. Both the hotel and passageway are still there today (something to think about).

    Choosing Style & Function

    Getting your own secret space will take some planning, but here are some brief tips.

    Pick a Style: There are a few ways to play with your new space.

    • It could literally be underground by using less storage space in the basement of your hotel, or it could be made to look like it’s underground to take your guests into that mindset upon entry.
    • You can choose a theme that goes along with it (e.g. Mafia, ancient cavern, Indiana Jones style). There are a lot of options here so get creative.
    • Think about your clientele. If you have an older community, a 1920’s mafia style may make them nostalgic (a good thing). Take a look at your usual crowd and enhance their experience.

    Pick a Function: Sure, the hidden room is out-of-the-box, but you can take it even further. Here are a few ideas.

    • The obvious choices are still good. Your restaurant, a hidden path to a common area, use your current space more effectively and make it a huge selling point and not just a place that everyone else has.
    • Use the places that people congregate. Pools and Jacuzzi areas are prime spots to make a hidden entrance, or even make the entire space an adventure.
    • Or, you could make an entirely new feature. If you have a ton of unused space or a decent budget; you could go all out. Make a hidden room and turn it into an escape challenge (very popular). Experiential entertainment is growing faster than the hospitality industry. A fun place for guests (and locals) is sure to draw attention and some serious revenue.

    Use Quality Products

    Build it Well: If you are an independent hotel, we hope you understand the need for cleanliness and overall quality of the service and location. Nevertheless, here are our best tips to build an incredible hidden space.

    • It needs to be a showstopper. Take your time with design and renderings. Make sure that the entrance is well hidden, but breathtaking once guests get inside. If the entrance is the coolest part, it will solely be a novelty. In this case, it’s both about the journey and the destination.
    • Use quality materials. This should go without saying, but the materials and hardware need to handle the traffic you hope to achieve. Build it to last by using things like our invisible hinges. They’re perfect for building hidden entrances that will last decades under the pressure of popularity and high-traffic.
    • Make it seamless. If it’s hidden, it needs to start out looking like everything else. Blended in with the features of your current design. That said, when they open it to the (insert your idea here), it should be like nothing else they’ve seen.

    Get Going

    Now it’s time to take out a sheet of paper and go for a stroll around your property. Put on the child-like mind and be adventurous. If you need some help with the materials, check out one of our dealers or click here to find out more about our hinges.

  • 6 Must See Places with Secret Rooms

    If you don't have one of these in your house...

    bank vault door. bank interior. business concept.

    Then you need a secret room that can hide your most valuable possessions.

    Everyone can agree that there is an undeniable appeal to secret rooms. More often than not they were prominently featured in our favorite novels or movies. Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in secret rooms. Designers and DIY’ers both have joined the trend. No longer are secret rooms just in stories or just for the ultra wealthy.

    Here we have listed 6 must see places with secret rooms. The best part of this list? Several properties are hotels or are available to rent. So, prepare to look and let your imagination run wild.

    In the U.S.

    The Seelbach Hotel

    The Seelbach Hotel located in Louisville, Ky offers its guests plenty of posh luxury. Built in 1903 this hotel has seen its fair share of the rich and famous and has a beautifully rich history.  Part of that history involves the roaring 20’s, prohibition, and Al Capone. If you happen to visit this landmark be sure to dine in The Oakroom. There Capone would dine, play cards, and if needed slip through two hidden doors into a secret passageway.

    Steelhead Partner’s

    If you are looking for some financial advice you can visit Steelhead Partners. Located in Bellevue, Washington this investment firm has a very unique feature in their office. Behind a very large and studious bookcase lies a secret room. Not just any old boring room either. Swing open the hidden door built into the bookcase and you’ll reveal a working Pub. The pub, complete with comfy booths and warm wood finishes, is sure to be the envy of any office.

    The Study @ The Modern Hotel

    The Modern Hotel located in Waikiki is one of the top hotels in Hawaii. While there check out The Study, voted one of the top bars in Waikiki. This bar is located in the lobby of The Modern Hotel, but guests arriving during the day may pass right by it. This is because The Study is hidden behind a series of bookshelves until 6 pm when the bookshelves rotate to reveal this hidden nighttime hot spot.

    Lake Wenatchee House

    The Lake Wenatchee House is one of the only places on our list that isn’t open to the public. Built by Deforest Architects, it is a private residence that proves secret rooms definitely have a place in modern design. A walk through of the house will reveal a love for clean lines and modern furnishings. However, not all is what it seams. Seamlessly integrated into it’s design is a hidden room. A gentle push on a built in bookcase will reveal a large, comfy media room. A perfect place to hide yourself away on a snowy day.

    Across The Pond

    The last two properties on our list can be found across the pond. These two locations will definitely fulfill your secret room needs. Not only are they beautiful and historic, but they are for real castles.

    Hazelwood Castle

    Hazelwood Castle is located in Yorkshire, England was originally build in the 1200’s. That’s a lot of history, and like one would expect of such a stately dwelling, it features a secret room. Take a stroll to the library to find a secret door disguised as a bookcase. Swing open this door to find a hidden passage that will lead you through the castle. The castle has been fully converted to a distinctive hotel that will allow you to live out all those novels you read as a child.

    Irish Castle

    This castle is truly unique. The owner purchased and began renovating this property which was originally build in the 1400’s. Located in Galway, Ireland you can find this property on AirBnB. If you’re lucky enough to rent this beauty for a night or two you’ll be delighted to find a hidden bathtub! That’s right, located in the downstairs portion of the castle you’ll find a ‘trapdoor’ within the floor of the bathroom. Lift up this door to find a fully modern tub sunk beneath the floor. This is sure to make for an unforgettable experience you’ll never forget.

    Want More?

    Our list of must see places has shown you hidden rooms in homes, hotels and offices. We’ve looked at moving bookshelves, trapdoors, and hidden passageways. If this list has got your creative juices flowing, then you’re in luck.

    Creating your own hidden room is easier that it seems.

    Here at SOSS we have created the invisible hinge. These hinges are designed to be completely invisible, yet incredibly strong. Designers and architects have been using our hinges for years to create modern designs and timeless appeal.

    Contact a supplier today to see how you can get started on your own secret space!


  • 4 Forgotten Updates in a Remodel Project

    36951391_sRemodels can be a stressful time. While most homeowners find the process worthwhile in terms of return on investment and re-sale value, it’s still a process that can be tough to bear. It could be the time, not being able to utilize the area, or wondering which updates to put more money into.


    After all is said and done, there are bound to be a few things that you say, “I wish we would have done that.”

    To help you consider these commonly passed over updates we’ve written our top 4 choices.

    Security System

    Many people who remodel forget to add or simply choose not to use a home security system. There are many benefits to these systems in general, but installing one during a remodel helps you choose a location that would be harder for an intruder to find and “cut”. It would also make it easy to place panels where you would like that makes them less of an eye sore.

    Key Stat: 25% of home intruders cut the phone lines or wiring in order to avoid security alarms.

    Powered Pantry

    Many remodels include a pantry. They are so common due to the rise in popularity of cooking in large remodeled kitchens. However, many homeowners are also following the trend of having clean and open counter space.

    The counters are being cleared off leaving many appliances to be semi permanently left in (you guessed it) the pantry. Powering your pantry with electrical outlets will allow you to use common appliances without them being seen.

    Extra Step: You could go the extra mile and hide your pantry as well by making the door seamlessly attach to your wall with invisible hinges (or even use a hidden door).

    Go Greener

    Aesthetics and home value are usually the two most important reasons to remodel a home, but while it’s all torn apart you can take time to build it up with more energy efficiency. Wire the roof for a future solar install, add skylights for more natural sun, and change out older appliances.

    Make Room for Supplies

    Everyone knows what a broom closet is, but too often mops, brooms, and vacuums end up in a corner or closet where they aren’t welcome. Setting aside a couple feet of floor space next to your laundry or mud room will keep commonly used cleaning supplies out of the way. They’ll still be easily accessible to make your home look good, but won’t hang out for all to see.


  • 10 Ways To Put a Secret Room In Your Home

    28968655_sThere are many functions of having a hidden room in your house. From having a place to keep your valuable things to being able to stay focused without any distraction, a secret room is a wonderful solution. Further, secret rooms are becoming popular as safe rooms for protection of your family.

    Secret rooms can only fulfill their purpose if they are well hidden and very discreet. No one can suspect about its existence, or its function will be ruined. The key to obtaining a successfully hidden place is your creativeness. The more you use your imagination and adapt your home, the more options you will have for creating a secret space.

    Below you will find a list of 10 creative ways to design a secret room in your home:

    Wine Cabinets
    A wine cabinet is used for storing and organizing wine bottles, but it can be a very useful way to hide your wine cellar full of your favorite vintages. Install an invisible hinge on your cabinet and you will have your very own secret cellar.

    The same thing can be done with a bookshelf inside your home library. You only need to choose one bookshelf to hide a different room with your favorite and rare books. The perfect idea for having a secret room in your home is installing a SOSS Invisible Hinge into your bookshelf and use it as a passageway. Your secret door will be completely inconspicuous with this hinge.

    Towel Cabinets
    Using a Towel Cabinet inside your bathroom is another creative way to hide a room or a sauna for example. If you always dreamed of having a sauna, why not have a private one?

    Stairway Rooms
    If you have kids, a great idea for creating a secret room is to build under a stairway in your home. Building a small, themed playroom for your children is a way to fire their imagination and keep them playing and learning.

    Toy Shelves
    In case you don't have stairs at your house don't worry, you will probably have a toy shelf that you can also use as a passageway to a secret room. Your children will love a small passageway that they can crawl through to a room that's only for them.

    One painting of a reasonable size can also be an original way to hide a secret room. No one will suspect the existence of your private space.

    Door size mirrors are fairly easy to come by. You can attach the mirror to the wall using SOSS invisible hinges so it can be used as a portal to a secret room that you use to keep your jewelry and valuable objects safe.

    Tall Dressers
    A tall dresser with a false bottom is an unusual and practical way to keep a secret room well hidden for life. Large old-fashioned wardrobes with fake backs or bottoms are also wonderful for this purpose.

    A fake fireplace is a great alternative if you want to ensure that no one will ever discover your secret room. Some are built to where the entire mantle moves and other just utilize a fake fireplace insert.

    Rock Walls
    Rock Walls that are well designed can be a successful way to hide a passageway to your secret room. Keep in mind the importance of the Invisible Hinge by SOSS here too. Otherwise, your secret room will be quickly exposed.


  • Secret Rooms are Wildly Popular

    How to Make a Secret Room

    Secret rooms are becoming more and more popular these days, and could even be considered a trend. Whether a new home is being designed, or an old one is being remodeled, secret rooms are now often included in design plans. The intended uses of these secret places are as varied as their location.

    A True Multi-Purpose Room

    Some secret rooms are not only hidden but reinforced for protection; these serve as panic rooms. Entire families can hide in these rooms if they are threatened by an intruder. Some secret rooms are small areas concealed under a staircase, often made as a child’s hideaway. Other secret rooms serve as getaway for adults.

    No matter what the purpose of a secret room, the main aim is to make sure the secret room remains well, secret. You will need to make sure to carefully disguise the entrance.

    Keeping Your Secret

    The easiest way to do this is to use invisible hinges in a door that is made to look like part of the paneling, or some other type of wall section. Because the hinge is invisible, the faux paneling fits seamlessly into the adjacent wall without betraying the existence of a door. The Invisible Hinge by SOSS is a wonderful option that provides quality and durability.

    Because these invisible hinges are extremely strong, they can be used to support another type of structure to hide the entrance to a secret room—a bookcase. A bookcase hinged along one side with several invisible hinges is an inventive way of disguising an entrance to a secret area. The invisible hinges hide the bookcase/wall seam as well as it hides the seam that is formed between a door and a wall.

    Choices, Choices

    Another option for concealing a secret room is a sliding wall or door. The sliding wall or door is supported by guides that can either go into the adjoining wall on either side or move in front or back of the wall along the same type of guides. This type of installation is much more time-intensive in addition to being much more difficult to install than the previous two choices.

    Also, if the secret room serves as a panic room, a reinforced sliding door is more difficult to conceal, due to the increase in bulk from being reinforced.

    Safe Haven or Man Cave

    The size of the secret room should be dependent upon its intended use. A panic room should be fairly large considering that it may have to provide shelter for more than one person for a possible extended length of time.

    A secret room that serves as a getaway for adults may be large as well, depending on how the person wants to get away. A writer might want to place a desk inside, and a dreamer might want a day couch for napping. Or maybe you need a true man cave, a place of no interruptions.

    Secret rooms and their designs are as unique as the people who want to build them. The one thing they have in common is that their entrance and hopefully their existence will only remain known to a few.


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