Open Up To A Better Way

At SOSS, we opened the door of innovation with our exceptional Invisible Hinge and our revolutionary UltraLatch. Don’t settle for what’s conventional, let SOSS introduce you to a brand new way to open your doors!

The SOSS Legacy

Hinged on Ingenuity

The legacy that comes with the SOSS name is one so unique from anyone else in the industry. You can learn more about the come up of SOSS by viewing “The Joseph Soss Story” or take a look at our timeline by viewing "History"

Classic Craftsmanship

This spirit of innovation informing manufacturing lives on at SOSS today. From superior material selection through constant, on-going testing, SOSS hinges are manufactured to deliver better form, fit and function across a wide variety of applications and environments.

In Use Around the World

The Invisible Hinge was installed in over 500 rooms during a recent renovation of their property on the Las Vegas Strip. After trying out a number of different solutions, they decided that the craftsmanship in the SOSS was second to none.

MGM Grand Hotel - Las Vegas, NV

After its installation at the Mira Hotel, the SOSS Invisible Hinge not only performed wonderfully but also kept their contemporary style simply by not getting in the way. Fitting well with their existing décor, it eliminated a lengthy review of door hinges for their updates.

Mira Hotel - Hong Kong