Light Duty SOSS Invisible Hinges

For your light duty hinge applications, SOSS Door Hardware has several options available.

The model #100 and #101 hinges are for 1/2″ to 5/8″ thick material. The model #100 is ideal for trinket boxes, humidors, or other non load bearing projects. The model #101 is for your lightest duty load bearing projects.

The model #103, #203, and #204 are for 3/4″ to 1″ thick material. Each hinge model has different dimensions and load bearing capabilities.

Each model is available in various finishes options. Stainless steel finishes are also made of 316 stainless steel material. The available options for each model can be accessed on the product pages. Don’t see the finish you need?
Let us know.

An Engineering Marvel

How does the SOSS Invisible Hinge move?

This model will allow you to move the hinge as well as see it in a full 360 degree view. Check it out, press play and click and drag the image to the left. See the beauty of SOSS Invisible Hinges instantly.

Hiding in plain sight! For more than 100 years SOSS Invisible Hinges have been helping to conceal and protect your valuables. Design your own hidden safe door, cover up your television in your main living room with art, or conceal an unsightly access panel. The places you will find SOSS Invisible Hinges won’t be easy to find!


Drawings, instructions and other detailed information can be found on the product pages for each hinge model.

SOSS Invisible Hinge model #100

SOSS Invisible Hinge model #101/#101SS

SOSS Invisible Hinge model #103

SOSS Invisible Hinge model #203/#203SS

SOSS Invisible Hinge Model #204/#204SS

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