518 Series Invisible Hinge

The only one of the SOSS Invisible Hinges that will wrap around your applied molding and trim!

This hinge opens to 92 degrees only and requires a minimum of 1-3/4″ material thickness for installation. Solid alloy steel links make the hinge strong and durable to last a lifetime.

The design possibilities this hinge allows are incredible.

This hinge is available in our most popular finishes. Don’t see the one you want? Let us know what you would like to see. Contact us today.


An Engineering Marvel

The SOSS Wrap-Around Hinge is unlike any other SOSS Invisible Hinge offered. Use this 3D model to learn how it moves to allow applied moldings and trim to hide the door reveal. Press play turn the wood blocks on and off to see how the hinge works installed or not.  You can also move the image to see a full 360 degree view.

Invisible Hinges and secret rooms. You will want both.

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