SOSS Invisible Hinges

How much weight will each hinge carry?

There is no “load-rating” per hinge for the SOSS Invisible Hinges. We take the width of the door along with the approximate weight to determine how many hinges are required to properly support the door. Go to the online catalog to download or print the section containing the sizing chart to use in determining the correct size and quantity of hinges. Page 43 of the online catalog contains this information: Full SOSS Catalog

Which hinge is the proper one for my application?

The first thing to consider is the thickness of the door itself, each hinge has a “minimum” thickness recommendation. With this in mind, consult the sizing chart on page 22 of our online catalog to determine the number of hinges you will need. Click on the following link to view our catalog chart:

Will the SOSS Invisible Hinge work in a metal application?

Yes! There are many smaller hinges that are designed specifically for metal cabinets. You also can mount the larger hinges in metal doors. We have steel door brackets available to use in mounting The SOSS Invisible Hinges. The sizing chart in our online catalog also lists recommended hinges for metal applications.

Is there a Fire-Rated SOSS Invisible Hinge available?

Yes, SOSS has Fire-Rated Hinges available for wood and/or metal doors from 20 minutes to 180 minutes. They are available for door thickness of 1-3/8” to 2” or greater. We also have 20 minute Fire-Rated Power Transfer Hinges.

Will adding a layer of wood, laminate or mirrors to the face of the door and wall cause any concerns?

Yes, SOSS hinges have been used in many applications in which a mirror or other lamination is used. However, special attention must be paid to the “E” dimension. If too thick a laminate is applied, the door will either not open at all or open only 90 degrees because the SOSS Invisible Hinge does not have much space to clear extra layers. If you do not exceed the “E” dimension when applying material to the face of the door, you should be able to open the door smoothly. Please consult the “Path and Clearance” section on page 42 of our Full SOSS Catalog and view the “Open Clearance Detail” drawing for your hinge model.

How far will the SOSS Hinge open?

All SOSS Invisible Hinges have the capability to open 180 degrees.

Can the SOSS Invisible Closer Hinge be adjusted to shut the door slowly, so the door does not slam?

The SOSS Invisible Closer is a “spring hinge” with a fully (and easily) adjustable spring. By turning an external screw, the tension on the spring can be adjusted, thus affecting the closing speed of the door. This hinge will not dampen or cushion the closing.

Will a SOSS Invisible Spring Closer Hinge swing both ways?

No. just like the regular hinges, the Closer will open 180 degrees in one direction only.

Can I use the SOSS Invisible Closer with non-SOSS hinges?

No. Because the swing radius of the SOSS Invisible Closer differs from non-SOSS hinges, it works only with SOSS Invisible Hinges. Nor can you combine SOSS hinges with other types of hinges on the same door.

Does SOSS make an electrified hinge?

Yes, we make a power transfer hinge in the model #218 and #220. They are available for .4 amp and 1 amp requirements. You can view all of the specific information for these hinges on page 34 of the online catalog:

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SOSS UltraLatch

Can the UltraLatch be used on exterior applications?

A: Yes, it can be but careful consideration must be given to the environment, such as near an ocean or where corrosion maybe an issue. We recommend using certain types of finishes in these situations.


Is the UltraLatch privacy function available for the push side of the door for out swing doors?

A: Yes, this is an unusual application, but can be easily done. You can either order it this way from the factory or converted yourself with a few simple steps.


Can the UltraLatch be installed upside down?

A: No, the design of the UltraLatch is such that it will not allow the mechanism to function properly if installed upside down or sideways.


Are custom handles available for the UltraLatch?

A: Yes, please contact the factory and submit a design or logo. The factory will work with you on what you like and cost for customization.


When installed my UltraLatch felt tight, but now it feels loose. What has happened?

A: Many types of wood doors will expand and contract with different weather conditions and/or climates. Depending on when you installed your UltraLatch the screws may not be as tight as they could be due to this expanding and contracting of the door material. If the UltraLatch becomes loose, simply remove the pivot pin from the pull side handle. Then remove the handle and cover screw to remove the rose cover and expose the pull side unirose. Use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to tighten the three screws in the unirose. Replace the rose cover, cover screw, handle, and pivot pin.


Is the UltraLatch available in stainless steel?

A: Yes, only in rustic stainless steel.


Can I use a deadbolt with the UltraLatch?

A: Yes, however the standard deadbolt placement dimension for pre-drilled doors is six inches above the handle. This could make the use of the deadbolt less comfortable, since the placement of the deadbolt would be too close to the handles of the UltraLatch.

It is recommended, when installing a standard round deadbolt to leave at least eight inches between the center of the deadbolt and the center of the UltraLatch bolt to allow clearance for the UltraLatch handles.

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