There’s No Replacement for Quality Materials and Innovation in Hinges

Quality and innovation have been the key drivers behind SOSS for over 120 years. By introducing dependable and high-quality products, we have given our customers the freedom to take their projects in any direction they can dream of. 

Our commitment to quality and innovation helps us stay ahead of the competition. And become the first choice for the most demanding applications. 

For this reason, you can find SOSS door hardware in so many iconic buildings. Examples include the Whitehouse, Buckingham Palace, Henry Ford home, Fallingwater, MGM Grand, Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, and many more.

These buildings can’t accept any compromise in form, function, or quality. This is why SOSS door hardware was their first choice. 

Unparalleled customer satisfaction

By ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality, we have managed to massively reduce the number of defective products that reach customers.

Customers want peace of mind from their purchases because they want to feel confident that they have made a good decision and will not encounter any problems or issues with the product or service they purchased. 

This includes feeling confident that the product will perform as expected, that it will last for a lifetime, and that the company will stand behind its product and address any issues that may arise. 

Having peace of mind can also give customers a sense of security and reassurance that they have made a good investment in their SOSS door hardware. 

Reduced costs for customers

SOSS believes in uncompromising quality throughout the entire manufacturing process of each of our products. This is why our quality assurance process identifies and fixes problems in the manufacturing process, reducing the number of defects and the cost of rework or warranty claims. This translates to reduced costs for our customers. 

Excellent quality control can help customers save money in several ways. First, high-quality door hardware is more durable and longer-lasting than lower-quality products. This means that customers will not need to replace them as often. This can result in significant cost savings over the long term, as customers will not need to constantly purchase new products to replace faulty or low-quality ones.

Investing in stringent quality control helps reduce the number of defective products produced, which can help reduce the costs associated with returns and warranty claims. If a customer purchases a defective product, they may need to return it for a refund or exchange, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient. 

Additionally, if a product is defective and needs to be repaired or replaced under warranty, the customer may need to pay for shipping or other related costs. By investing in quality control, we reduce the number of defective products produced, which can help save customers money and frustration.

Finally, high-quality door hinge products are generally more reliable and perform better than lower-cost options in the market. Combining the best materials with a commitment to quality ensures that our hinges will continue to perform to the specifications needed year after year. 

Investing in quality control is how we help our customers save money by reducing the need to replace faulty or low-quality products, reducing the costs associated with returns and warranty claims, and increasing the reliability and performance of products.

Building a brand that our customers can rely on

There are several ways that we’ve built a brand that has become synonymous with quality and performance in the eyes of our customers:

  • Offer high-quality products: We’ve consistently delivered high-quality products that perform consistently throughout their lifetime. Because of this, our customers have the confidence that they’ll be satisfied with their purchases and feel that they are getting good value for their investment.
  • Excellent customer service: Providing prompt and helpful responses to customer inquiries, as well as handling any issues or complaints in a timely and satisfactory manner, is what our customer service revolves around. As a company, we stand behind our product because we trust its engineering and manufacturing. 
  • Transparency and honesty: This includes being upfront about the features and specifications of our door hardware. Also, providing support in the case and being open and honest about any issues or problems that may arise in any installation scenario is what gives our customers the confidence that as a brand we support our products.

Our ability to consistently deliver high-quality products, provide excellent customer service, and be transparent and honest with our customers is what has earned the SOSS brand its position as the premier door hardware solution for the most demanding applications out there. 

Meeting and exceeding the most stringent standards 

In many industries, there are regulatory requirements for product quality. The construction industry is no different.  

Our products are used in many critical applications where functioning reliably is not optional. This is why you can see SOSS hardware in many buildings and projects that can not compromise. 

Over our 120-year history, these include iconic buildings such as the White House and Buckingham palace. Also, our door hinges and handles are used in buildings where the architectural vision of the project demands the highest quality functioning and design. 

These projects don’t settle for good enough, they need the best quality and reliability possible. For this reason, they choose to use SOSS door hardware. 

Secret doors and limitless possibilities

There are several reasons why some people may consider installing secret doors in their houses:

  • Security: A secret door can provide an additional layer of security to a house, as it can allow occupants to quickly and discretely access a safe room or other secure areas in the event of an emergency, such as a break-in or natural disaster.
  • Privacy: A secret door can provide a degree of privacy by allowing occupants to access certain areas of the house without being seen or heard by others.
  • Concealment: A secret door can conceal the entrance to a room or area that the homeowner wants to keep hidden from view. Furniture, walls, and bookcases are some of the options that our customers have used to conceal their secret doors.
  • Aesthetics: Some people may find secret doors a fun and interesting design feature, adding an element of surprise and intrigue to their home.

To make a secret door, you need an invisible hinge that can meet the demand and give you the confidence that it will work reliably. This is why SOSS door hinges have become the industry standard when our customers consider installing concealed doors. 

Knowing their secret door will work when needed is the peace of mind they get from using SOSS invisible hinges. 

Helping make people’s lives better

Ergonomic door handles like our UltraLatch can be life-changing for many people. In particular for those with disabilities in several ways:

  • Ease of use: UltraLatch is designed to be easy to grip and operate, which can be particularly useful for people with disabilities who may have difficulty gripping or manipulating traditional door handles.
  • Improved accessibility: UltraLatch helps improve the accessibility of a building or space for people with disabilities, as they are easier to use and may require less physical strength or dexterity than traditional door handles.
  • Greater independence: By making it easier for people with disabilities to open and close doors, UltraLatch can help to promote greater independence and autonomy. This directly impacts the quality of life and well-being of our customers. 
  • Enhanced safety: UltraLatch door handles can help to reduce the risk of injury or accidents, as they are easier to use and require less physical effort to operate. 

Our customers can live their life with peace of mind. They access their homes or workplaces with confidence. The main motivator that makes every UltraLatch the best ergonomic door handle. 

120 years of building trust with our customers

Every SOSS product bears our name. We believe in any product. No corners cut—anywhere. 

The design, engineering, material sourcing, and quality control processes are all done in-house. We don’t compromise on any aspect of our products to save costs. Instead, we ensure that every one of our products is made to the standards that have made us the number-one option in door hardware for over 120 years.  

Even though other products in the market look alike and try to imitate what we do. Few, if any, can provide the confidence that SOSS can provide to our customers.