SOSS has put an entirely new handle on the way you will open your doors. Designed by our engineers to match the contours of the hand, we have created the most comfortable, easy to use door knob ever made. Let your traditional door knob be something of the past; allow SOSS to open the doors of the future with our unique UltraLatch.

You can now purchase the UltraLatch directly from SOSS at factory direct pricing! Start shopping today!

"The ergonomic design of UltraLatch allows the wrist to maintain a neutral position, which is highly advantageous for individuals with any of a wide variety of upper extremity limitations.”

- J.C. Moore Licensed Physical Therapist

If you would like to try the UltraLatch out for yourself or need a perfectly designed and ergonomic door latch you can buy directly from SOSS at the best prices available.

The SOSS UltraLatch celebrates its empowerment among users. Using a push-pull system; this provides a hands-free experience and no need to bend or twist your wrist or hand. The SOSS UltraLatch includes the most ADA-friendly design available allowing it to conform with your hand comfortably. These features are known to benefit anyone with limited or special needs.

Much like the Invisible Hinge, the UltraLatch is available in many finishes to meet the style of any home or building. The SOSS UltraLatch combines sleek styling with intuitive use… opening doors has never felt so good! Now you can purchase this revolutionary door latch for your home or office direct from SOSS.