3 Reasons Invisible Hinges are Safer Than Butt Hinges

Everyone wants to live in a safe home.

Not just safe from intruders, but a dwelling that will protect family members instead of potentially harming them; especially youngsters. Homeowners around the world are becoming more aware of both quality and safety when it comes to choosing building materials for their homes. It makes sense that even seemingly small choices (like door hardware) can make a big impact in how safe and secure a house or apartment can be.

We’ll go over just a few reasons that invisible hinges can actually make your home safer than the traditional hinges commonly seen.

Reason One: Harder for Intruders to Break In

Yep, robbers and thieves can bypass locked doors if they have access to the hinges. If you don’t think it’s an issue simply watch the video below of a how easy it is to remove door with a little $3.00 tool from any home improvement store. With tons of videos like this floating around the Internet what are the chances, some of those people are thieves attending the “higher education” for their profession?

With SOSS Invisible Hinges, there are no pins to remove because the entire hinge mechanism is built into the door frame. There is no way to access them when the door is securely locked. With a great door lock on a door fixed with SOSS hinges, it is much harder for would-be intruders to enter a home.

Reason Two: Zero Opportunity for Snags

If you’re moving furniture, passing another family member, or just not paying attention it’s easy to get “caught up” in a traditional hinge. The thing is just hanging out waiting to grab hold of whatever it can. Have you ever had to remove a door completely off the hinges just to move a piece of furniture through it?

It should go without saying that using our invisible hinges means no more snagged clothes or furniture. These hinges are embedded into the door and frame and aren’t lurking to harm you or your family.

Reason Three: Incredibly Durable by Comparison

No matter how high-end your traditional hinges are, they aren’t built in a way that can stand the test of time. Over time, doors will droop and scuff floors. They will also not swing correctly, causing potential for harm.

SOSS Invisible hinges, on the other hand, are made to last. Many of the hinges we’ve sold are still used in buildings over 100 years old. The steel construction will keep doors hung evenly and swinging the way they were first intended for decades.

Safety is important. When it comes to the place you and your family are living, even the small details can make a huge impact on the safety and durability of the place you live. Using invisible hinges instead of the traditional style can be one of those decisions that make a big difference—one that you won’t regret.