Achieving Clean Lines with Invisible Hinges

Too many hoteliers and contractors think 35751525_speople won’t notice a tiny design detail, but that would be wrong. Design is about how it feels as much as how it looks.

For instance, many people choose to stay at a boutique hotel because it’s smaller, personal, and has more attention to detail.

One of the ways a boutique hotel shows it has paid attention to detail is through an invisible door hinge.

It’s often easy to ignore how doors and cabinets are constructed, unless people are unusually perceptive or have a lot of interest in interior design. Yet the small details often stand out in their mind; why do some doors have hinges and others don’t? Exactly when did invisible hinges become a thing?

How does something so small and seemingly insignificant matter? That’s because a boutique hotel is expected to have a certain premium look to it. When it comes to a high-end, premium look, a lot hinges on the hinges – no pun intended.

When people stay at premium boutique hotels, they will notice how many doors have no visible hinges – meaning when the door is closed, the hinges are perfectly concealed. As the hinges are flush with the door, this leaves uninterrupted clean lines. It’s a simple idea that has become an architectural triumph in the recent years.

Invisible Hinge vs. Traditional Hinge

Deciding what type of hinges to use on doors and cabinets is a matter of what design problem you want to solve. Cabinet doors with visible hinges can achieve a certain classical or vintage look, where the hinges themselves are part of the design.

But if you want to have minimalist design, visible hinges are not the way to go. A traditional hinge can stand out and detract from the overall design. It’s often a different color from the door and draws unnecessary attention to it. It also takes up room and get “kitchen stuff” caked onto it when used on a kitchen door.

With an invisible hinge, the door itself becomes the center of attention and decoration. It allows for continuity in design without interruption. A concealed hinge is also relatively inexpensive despite the high-end look it can achieve.

SOSS specializes in solving design problems with a hidden cabinet hinge and door hinge, offering a variety of extra light to heavy-duty hinges that never need adjusting.

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