Concealed Cabinet Hinges

When designing for aesthetics and sophistication, every detail matters. Consider using concealed cabinet hinges. This principle applies to every feature and fixture of a home or a piece of furniture, especially the hinges. Hinges may seem like innocuous parts of a home or any piece of furniture. However, the lines and protrusions created by them can make even the sleekest doors appear unsightly.  If you appreciate cleaner lines and more flawless surfaces, you need hinges that remain out of sight and out of mind.

Concealed cabinet hinges are a game-changer for architects, designers, builders, and homeowners. These unassuming fixtures have transformed the way we perceive doors and cabinets, opening the doors to a world where innovation meets minimalist aesthetics.

With invisible hinges, architects and builders now have a powerful tool at their disposal — one that enables them to craft spaces with unblemished visual lines and surfaces.

Join us as we investigate these architectural and home-building innovations. In this post, you’ll learn:

  • The Fundamentals of Concealed Cabinet Hinges
  • How Concealed Cabinet Hinges Work
  • Why Concealed Cabinet Hinges Are Superior to Other Kinds of Hinges
  • Types of Concealed Cabinet Hinges
  • Why You Should Choose SOSS Door Hardware’s Invisible Hinges
  • How To Contact SOSS Door Hardware for Your Door Needs

The Fundamentals of Concealed Cabinet Hinges

Concealed door and cabinet hinges are also invisible hinges. As the name suggests, these hinges do not reveal themselves when a cabinet door is closed since the hinges are installed deep into a door.

Concealed cabinet hinges are a far cry from traditional hinges. Unlike invisible hinges, traditional door hinges are bolted on visible areas of a cabinet door. This makes many parts of the hinge visible, which can be an eyesore for the most discerning architects and builders.

Concealed cabinet hinges have a different design from their traditional counterparts. Unlike traditional hinges, invisible cabinet hinges don’t consist of a leaf and knuckle. Rather, three parts are integral to these types of hinges. These parts are the:

  • Cup
  • Arm
  • Mounting frame

To install an invisible hinge, the cup must be attached to the cabinet’s door. As with other kinds of door hinges, an invisible hinge’s mounting frame is the part that’s bolted onto a cabinet.

The arm connects the mounting frame to the invisible hinge’s cup, keeping it in place. Most importantly, it stays concealed due to the invisible hinge’s design.

How Concealed Door Hinges Work

A concealed cabinet hinge functions differently from traditional hinges due to its unique parts and design.

Unlike traditional hinges, concealed cabinet hinges remain hidden within the door and frame. These hinges function by embedding themselves into mortises, or cavities created within a cabinet door frame. The door and frame are carefully routed to accommodate the hinge leaves, ensuring a precise fit.

When the cabinet door is closed, the concealed hinges hide from view. The result is a seamless, unbroken surface.

Why Concealed Door Hinges Are Superior to Other Kinds of Hinges

Architects, home builders, interior designers, and anyone who appreciates sleeker surfaces and visual lines may opt for concealed cabinet hinges. If you’re unsure about which hinges to choose, here are some compelling reasons to select concealed cabinet hinges over other hinges.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Concealed cabinet hinges offer a distinct advantage in aesthetics. Unlike traditional hinges, these innovative fixtures remain entirely concealed when the cabinet door is closed. This invisible integration creates a seamless, uncluttered appearance that enhances the overall beauty of the cabinet.

In contrast, traditional hinges can often disrupt the visual flow with their visible hardware. The visible parts of these hinges can detract from the clean lines that architects, interior designers, and homeowners’ desire.

Optimized Space

Concealed cabinet hinges are easy on the eyes and efficient when it comes to space.

Concealed cabinet hinges don’t require as much clearance for a cabinet to open fully. This is because invisible hinge designers — like us at SOSS Door Hardware — craft invisible hinges to fit within a cabinet’s door and a cabinet door frame’s mortis.

By doing so, we’ve eliminated the need for additional door clearance, giving you more space in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

Excellent Durability

Another advantage concealed cabinet hinges have over adjustable or traditional hinges is durability.

Concealed door hinges consist of robust brass and stainless steel. These materials are capable of withstanding frequent manipulation and use. Their robust construction and finish also make them less susceptible to wear and tear. In addition, SOSS Invisible Hinges are built on stacked metal plates which gives them long cycle life and durability. See our SOSS Model 100 cabinet hinge.

SOSS Concealed Cabinet HInge


The internal mechanisms — which often feature internal unexposed ball bearings — ensure smooth operation even with frequent door movements. In contrast, traditional hinges are more vulnerable to damage due to their exposed components.

If you want hinges that will last, invisible hinges are the way to go.


Concealed cabinet hinges are hidden. As a result, they’re less susceptible to tampering, making them ideal for securing belongings.

The same isn’t true for adjustable or traditional hinges. These kinds of hinges can become potential security concerns due to their exposed parts. With exposed pins and screws, these hinges are prone to tampering and can become an inviting target for potential intruders.

Ideal for Hidden Cabinets

When you’re constructing hidden cabinets, the last thing you want is any exposed component. Exposed hinge parts like pins and bolts are dead giveaways and will ruin your hidden cabinet’s design. This is where concealed cabinet hinges come in.

Invisible cabinet hinges remain embedded within a cabinet’s door and door frame, creating a seamless visual line. The seamlessness of the surface can make masking a cabinet easier for architects, interior designers, and builders.

Types of Concealed Cabinet Hinges

At SOSS Door Hardware, we offer various concealed cabinet hinges suited to every interior design need. Here are the types of invisible cabinet hinges in our inventory you can choose from.

Self-Closing Hinges

Self-closers that work with our hinges consist of hidden spring mechanisms that pull cabinet doors shut. These mechanisms ensure that the cabinet door doesn’t stay open and leave contents exposed.

Self-closing hinges are beneficial for their ability to protect stored items. By keeping a cabinet closed, self-closing hinges can also improve safety in your kitchen or bathroom.

Free-Swing Hinges

When it comes to ease, few hinges can match free-swing hinges.

Free-swing hinges allow cabinet doors to open and close with little to no effort. Because of their convenience, they’re the best options for cabinets where frequently needed items are stored.

Free-swing hinges are perfect for bedroom closets, bathroom cabinets, and kitchen cupboards.

Inset Concealed Cabinet Hinges

Do you desire a flawless and minimalist aesthetic? Inset concealed cabinet hinges are the hinges for you.

These hinges enable the cabinet door to fit exactly with the cabinet’s frame. With no overlays, the hinges remain hidden, giving your cabinets a seamless-looking surface.

Half Overlay Concealed Cabinet Hinges

Half overlay hinges are some of the most adaptable concealed cabinet hinges in our selection. These hinges partly overlap the cabinet door frame, creating a subtle yet visually seamless gap.

Although they don’t create the same level of flawlessness as inset concealed cabinet hinges, they add an element of intrigue to cabinet doors. This quality makes them a go-to option for various applications like kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Why You Should Choose SOSS Door Hardware’s Concealed Cabinet Hinges

SOSS Door Hardware has been at the forefront of concealed hinge design for more than 120 years. With every innovation, we’ve catered to the design needs of architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners.

Here are some of the reasons you should choose SOSS Door Hardware’s concealed hinges.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Our hinges are a testament to our commitment to quality and durability. We’ve engineered our quality concealed cabinet hinges for maximum wear-and-tear resistance and fit and cycle tested them extensively.

We select only the most robust materials for our concealed cabinet and door hinges. Using only high-quality materials, we ensure that every cabinet hinge stands the test of time the way our company has.

Innovative Design for Maximum Seamlessness

When installed, our concealed cabinet hinges create a flawless and flush surface between the cabinet door and frame. The result is a clean unbroken aesthetic that contributes to a sophisticated ambiance in any space.

From a Trusted Name in Concealed Cabinet Hinge Design

With a 120-year legacy, SOSS Door Hardware has remained at the pinnacle of concealed hinge design. Our brand’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes us the leading choice for invisible hinges.

Elegance Through Seamless Modesty with SOSS Concealed Cabinet Hinges

Crafted with precision, our hinges are the epitome of flawless and functional cabinet hinge design, seamlessly blending aesthetics with innovation. The meticulous craftsmanship, innovative design, and versatility of SOSS hinges make them the ideal choice for architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners who demand nothing but the best for their projects.