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 Open Clearance Detail  PDF  (90.43 KB) Download  | SOSS Invisible Hinges | --

Want to add material to the face of you door and/or frame? Here is some helpful information on how to make it work using SOSS Invisible Hinges.

 SOSS Invisible Hinge Locations  PDF  (30.46 KB) Download  | SOSS Invisible Hinges | --

How do you space SOSS Invisible Hinges is the door? This document will show you how.

 Overlay Applications Detail  PDF  (44.31 KB) Download  | SOSS Invisible Hinges | --

Can SOSS Invisible Hinges be used in overlay applications? Yes, they can. Here is how it is done.

 UltraLatch Installation Instructions  PDF  (329.00 KB) Download  | UltraLatch | --

Want to install the SOSS UltraLatch? Here is how to make it happen.

 SOSS UltraLatch Dimensions  PDF  (56.90 KB) Download  | UltraLatch | --

Here you can find all the dimensions of the SOSS UltraLatch, so that you can be sure it will be a perfect fit!