SOSS Hinges are Used by Companies Around the World

Do any of your products have a door or access panel? Do you build tables that have fold-over leaves? These any many other applications are a great use for SOSS invisible hinges. Over our 100+ years of business our products have been used by manufacturers of all types in building unique products. These companies include:

• Marvin Windows
• New Craft Furniture
• Ethan Allen
• Modern Fold
• White Wave Food
• Thyssenkrupp
• Leco Corp.

We have companies that build a variety of products including:

• Doors of Every Type
• Windows
• Cabinets
• Furniture

If your product has hinges, then SOSS Invisible Hinges would be a good fit. They add a level of elegance to any product by bringing out the product itself and not the hardware. You can create products, entryways, cabinets and furniture that has clean lines that offer grace and beauty and focus on the product itself.

If you are interested in learning more and how to incorporate your SOSS Invisible Hinges into your product, please contact us today. We offer:

• Special Manufacturer Pricing
• Complete Line of Finishes for our Invisible Hinges
• Door Hinges
• Cabinet Hinges
• Fire Rated Hinges
• Power Transfer Invisible Hinges

We were the original invisible hinge on the market and over 100+ years later we still offer innovative and durable products for all uses that are consistently cited as the best in the market. Please call us to begin a conversation today.

If you would like to see our extensive line of products, please take a moment to download our digital catalog.