From Panic Room to Private Office, Here Are the Top Reasons to Build a Secret Room


It’s no secret that secret rooms exist. The first secret rooms and passageways began popping up thousands of years ago as a way for ancient Egyptians to hide their valuables. As time has gone on, the secret room has evolved. Instead of hiding your riches as Pharaoh did, you may be interested in a quiet study area, a safe room, or a unique way to enter into your own private speakeasy.

Whatever your needs, a secret door will provide an inherently cool factor to your space, and there are some seriously practical purposes to installing a secret room inside your home.

It’ll Keep the Unwanted Guests Out and You Safely Inside

Much like they were used in medieval castles to protect those on the inside from outsiders looking to do harm, a secret room inside your home can serve as a panic room in case of an emergency. An effective panic room is at its best when only those who need to know about it do. This means a secret door that’s impossible to distinguish and detect unless you know exactly where to look.

To keep that secret door a secret, SOSS has developed the Invisible Hinge to safely and securely open and close a secret door without any protruding hinges. This allows the door to lie flush against its door frame – or bookshelf or wall – and seamlessly blend into your home’s aesthetic.

A Private Office That’s Meant to Remain Private

Thanks to a shifting landscape – not to mention a global pandemic – many of us are now foregoing the office for a work-from-home setup; and while a kitchen counter may work for some, to be truly productive, you’re going to need a home office free from distraction.

A secret door that’s built into your home can provide you with a perfect secret office to get work done. Imagine escaping into your traditional office, only to pull a lever and escape through a secret door into a quiet study that only you know about. Your productivity levels will soar with zero distractions inside the house.

Hiding Day-to-Day Items in Plain Sight

Another reason to incorporate secret doors is to hide items you’re not always using. Think of things like a minibar, laundry room, or a concealed walk-in closet. These are functional components of your house that maybe you don’t want to look at every day. A secret door allows you to hide these rooms and items in plain sight while keeping a sophisticated look on the outside.

Keys to Your Secret Door’s Success

Now that your mind is racing through ideas on how to implement your secret door, you’re going to need the right tools to make it a success. First, start with a hidden hinge from SOSS like the 518 or the 218. Each has its unique benefits, like the SOSS 518 which will completely wrap around molding and trim, the two materials often used as door frames. Next, choose how your door will open. This is where the fun takes off as you’re able to implement levers or hidden books to open your door.

The possibilities with a secret door and room are endless but ensuring your needs and hardware should be step one. Once a plan is in place, in no time you’ll be protecting your family from unwanted guests, or simply sneaking off for some alone time.