Hiding Tiny House Furniture in Plain Sight

Tiny House in GardenIt’s no secret that tiny homes are… small. Finding tiny house furniture seems to be the big riddle, for many. Most end up shopping for hours and hours to find the right stove, refrigerator and toilet to fit in their rigid space.

Even still, there’s a dilemma. How do you balance between space, storage and functional furniture?

This article aims to share some hidden tiny house furniture ideas to help you decide how to furnish your small abode.

Hidden or Murphy Tables

Tables are necessary pieces of furniture in the home. But they are only needed at select times of the day. Small apartments and tiny homes don’t have the space for tables to be laying around all day long.

Enter murphy tables.

Make a table that conveniently folds up (or down) and latches to the wall. It’s also possible to have your dining room setup completely hidden!

Note: When you make your table, make sure it’s on good quality hinges. This is especially true if your tiny home is mobile. We don’t want the table to break!

Drawers in Stairs

Most tiny houses have at least one loft. Usually this space is used for sleeping and not much else. But you still need storage for clothing and other things around the house. 

A traditional closet or bureau takes up way too much space.

Many small homeowners choose to use their stairs for extra storage. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. Put actual drawers into the front or side of stairs up to your loft.
  2. Use the side of the entire staircase for a more traditional closet. Some homeowners choose to do this to hide away a washer/dryer combo along with extra storage. 

Hide Your Sink for Extra Counter Space

The sink is yet another critical part of any residence. Tiny homes often don’t have dishwashers, making the sink all the more important. But this is also a problem, for a few reasons:

  • Space, in general, is at a premium in small houses and apartments
  • A few dirty dishes in the sink can make the whole place seem dirty
  • Food prep is difficult when the sink is taking up most of the counter in the kitchen

This is perhaps the easiest thing to hide. Simply cut out a board that is the exact size of your sink. If your sink is recessed into the counter, you’ll have to ensure that the board is the right thickness. 

Bonus: You can make the material from a cutting board or into a cutting board to make the new space that much more handy in the kitchen.