Outdoor Applications of Invisible Hinges

Invisible hinges are excellent for indoor applications because of their capacity to create seamlessness in a space. So, if you appreciate the indoor benefits of concealed hinges, you may wonder whether these hinges also have outdoor applications.

Ordinarily, you’d have to source different hinges for a different environment. SOSS invisible hinges have a line of hinges that are perfect for outdoor environments because of their engineered construction and high-quality stainless steel materials.

If you want to learn more about the applications of outdoor hinges and what makes SOSS invisible hinges the ideal door hinges for all environments, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading!

Outdoor Structures Where You Can Use Invisible Outdoor Hinges

SOSS invisible hinges are perfect for an array of outdoor structures. These hinges ensure smooth operation, durability, and longevity despite the challenges presented by outdoor environments.

Here are some places where you can incorporate SOSS concealed hinges.

Greenhouses and Garden Structures

Greenhouses and garden sheds require fixtures that can endure moisture and frequent temperature fluctuations. SOSS hinges are ideal for these structures due to their resilient materials and robust stainless-steel construction.

Gates and Fences

Gates and fences are vulnerable to frequent traffic and handling. Due to their sturdiness, SOSS hinges can withstand the forces these structures are subjected to and stay intact long-term.

Outdoor Furniture and Storage Areas

From benches to tables and cabinets, outdoor furniture and storage areas benefit from SOSS invisible hinges. These hinges offer smooth operation while enduring the harsh outdoor elements. As a bonus, SOSS offers a line of cabinet hinges that are perfect for ensuring the longevity of furniture pieces.

Outdoor Structures Near the Ocean

Marine environments demand hardware that can withstand saltwater, moisture, and constant exposure to harsh conditions. SOSS invisible hinges have a line made of stainless steel that is a reliable choice for boat hatches and various marine applications due to their corrosion resistance and durability.

The Challenges of Outdoor Environments

Outdoor environments present a unique set of challenges for various fixtures — including most kinds of outdoor uses.

From moisture to temperature extremes, everything goes against you as you try to create clean visual lines for your outdoor doors and windows. In detail, here are some environmental challenges you need to consider before embarking on your next installation project.

Corrosion Due to Heat, Moisture, and Snow

Corrosion can occur due to exposure to the elements. Humidity, heat, snow, and rainfall will all be contributors to the corrosion of certain metals.

For many kinds of outdoor hinges, iron and alloys will be the metals of choice. While these metals boast durability and are easy for manufacturers to source, they’re susceptible to corrosion. This is especially true if these metals are exposed to moisture and changes in atmospheric pressure.

Temperature Fluctuations

There is no such thing as stable temperatures outdoors. Beyond indoor thermostats and ACs is an environment where temperatures can fluctuate. In some places, the variations can be wide, placing additional strain on certain metals.

Extreme heat can cause certain metals to expand, causing hinges to stick. Conversely, rapid temperature drops can render hinges susceptible to breaking.

Together, these temperature changes can be damaging to outdoor hinges, especially if the hinges are outside for a long time.

UV Exposure

Extended sun exposure can do extensive damage to your outdoor hinges. Left exposed to the sun for long periods, hinges can weaken. The colors of some hinges will even be lost due to increased metal oxidation.

Environmental Forces

By environmental forces, we mean traffic and manipulation. Indeed, hinges are susceptible to these forces indoors. However, outdoors, there’s the additional factor of heavy wind.

Heavy winds can cause doors to move frequently, contributing to the war and tear sustained by your hinges.

Why SOSS Invisible Hinges Are Ideal for Outdoor Applications

Where most outdoor hinges fail, SOSS’s Invisible Hinges shine.

SOSS concealed hinges have a line that is made of high-quality stainless steel. The stainless-steel build enables the hinges to withstand a broad array of environmental conditions.

Besides their material, SOSS hinges have an engineered construction that minimizes protruding hardware. This construction is vital to the longevity of invisible hinges or many kinds of hinges, for outdoor use that matter.

Combining the SOSS Invisible design with stainless steel brings a host of benefits. All these features come together to enable SOSS hinges to do the following:

Resist Rust

The stainless steel of SOSS hinges promotes water resistance and resilience to frost. As a result, SOSS hinges are resistant to rust and corrosion and are ideal for outdoor shed doors, patio doors, and other structures outside a home.

Withstand Outdoor Rigors

SOSS invisible hinges boast a robustly engineered construction. Every leaf and pin is made of durable stainless steel. For this reason, SOSS hinges can withstand frequent movement from traffic, manipulation, and winds.

Endure the Sun’s UV Rays

SOSS invisible outdoor hinges come with UV-resistant coatings. These coatings protect the hinges from extensive rust and UV-caused corrosion and discolorations.

A Low-Maintenance Alternative to Traditional Outdoor Hinges

Not only do SOSS stainless steel hinges hold up well against the elements but they also require less maintenance due to their durability and weather-proof qualities.

Improve Security

Invisible hinges leave no hardware exposed. This feature makes these hinges the perfect options for improving your property’s security.

Allow You to Customize

The SOSS invisible hinge is perfect for customization. When you choose SOSS hinges, you’ll create doors and gates that cater to different preferences and applications.

Redefine Your Outdoor Spaces with SOSS Invisible Outdoor Hinges

SOSS hinges are the perfect choice for your outdoor structures. Due to their stainless-steel material and engineered construction, these hinges will withstand the demands of outdoor applications — and for the long term.

Are you planning an outdoor project? Elevate it with SOSS invisible hinges.


Why Are SOSS Hinges Ideal for Outdoor Applications?

SOSS hinges are designed to withstand outdoor environmental conditions. These hinges have stainless steel coatings and robust construction, and as a result, resist rust, corrosion, discoloration, and extensive wear and tear.

Can SOSS Hinges Improve Security?

Applied outdoors, SOSS hinges bolster security and their stainless-steel construction makes them durable and less susceptible to breaking. The components of these hinges are also hidden, meaning that you don’t have to worry about intruders tampering with your hinges.