Secret Room Loft Bed Ideas (Your Kids Will Love It!)


Children need a safe, quiet space to retreat to as much as adults do. And when children share a room, they still need some personal space. A great way to ensure that they have a little hideaway all to themselves is a loft bed. This article is all about giving you some secret room loft bed ideas!

Unlike a bunk, it is a single bed, elevated to use the space below for other things. It is a great space-saving option for small rooms, and they can be enclosed to make a magical space for the imagination to run wild. A loft can be a secret room within a room, where children can enjoy the thrill of a treehouse or private clubhouse in their bedroom.

Fort Building and the Developing Child

Most of us can recall the excitement of building forts in the living room, covering the sofas with blankets, and hiding with snacks, torches, and a variety of board games or books. These spaces became whole new worlds.

There are many reasons why this pastime has thrilled kids over the generations, and it is a phenomenon that occurs across cultures.

  • It is a safe space where they can escape the stresses of the real world.
  • It affords them privacy. From a young age, children begin to assert their ‘separate self’ outside of their family.
  • Constructing the fort and customizing it uses advanced analytical skills, cognitive skills, and creativity. There is a sense of satisfaction when they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Choosing What Goes in Your Secret Loft

  • The most important thing to consider is comfort. A loft bed should have adequate space to sleep comfortably. Coziness can be created with blankets, pillows, and favorite toys.
  • Enclose the space to create a secure nook and include a window with a curtain that can be opened for light.
  • To give the loft a magical feel, include some fairy lights or downlights that can be dimmed.
  • A built-in bookshelf can house your child’s favorite books, and you can create the perfect reading nook.
  • Mount a monitor on the wall or have a secure place to put a tablet for movie nights and gaming.
  • Place glow in the dark, adhesive stars on the ceiling to give a sense of enjoying the night sky.
  • Create an imaginative exit route, such as a slide or a fireman’s pole.
  • Depending on the space, including a comfy poof cushion or two so that your child can sit comfortably and hang with friends, chilling with a movie.
  • A portable laptop stand will make an excellent surface for board games or a hand of cards.
  • Create a space for arts and crafts.
  • Build in a garbage chute so it doesn’t become cluttered with trash. It can lead to a wastepaper basket on the bedroom floor.
  • Use the bottom of the loft to extend the fantasy. Enclose it like a cabin or consider placing a hanging chair or hammock.
  • Get some walkie-talkies so that your child can communicate with you from their loft.

Finding the Right Loft Bed

There are many loft beds available to suit most budgets. A quick search on Amazon or Wayfair gives dozens of potential setups.

The first thing you need to consider is the child’s age and size. A growing child will need a loft bed to accommodate them for a few years. On the other hand, a teen will need a lot of space for more than just sleeping.

Younger kids should not be too high up to ensure their safety. Also, consider the floor space below. It must comfortably accommodate what you choose to use it for, and one should stand underneath quite comfortably.

Loft beds are available fully assembled or as a kit to build at home. If you are handy with tools, you can even design and create your own.

Ikea and Amazon have a variety of loft beds available at competitive prices. Other stockists include Wayfair, The Spruce, and Pottery Barn, which have a great teen range.

Crafting the Secret Loft Room

When crafting your child’s loft room, let them be a part of the design process. Take their needs and wants into consideration to ensure it is their perfect haven.

Make your plan

Consider your space and keep safety and good lighting at the front of your mind. Plan carefully so it won’t be overcrowded, and it has room for all the activities planned. There should be access to a wall socket to power laptops, lamps, etc.

Ensure it has a secret door

It really is all about the secret door. The entrance adds to the allure, and you can be creative. It can be a trap door, a draw bridge, or have some kind of coded access.

Get the materials you need

Whether you buy an assembled loft bed, a kit, or design and build from scratch, you will always need additional materials to make it unique. First, choose paint colors that will maximize light and space. Also, ensure that you select a non-toxic paint. A great option is to paint a small area with blackboard paint and supply a mix of colored chalk. Then, your child can decorate it to their heart’s content.  All building materials must be durable and robust to ensure maximum safety. Kids move and jump around, and the loft should be able to withstand the friction. Decorate the inside with natural, breathable and non-flammable materials that will ensure that your child is warm in winter but cool in summer. Good ventilation is essential.

Build your room

Have fun. Make it a family event. Depending on the age of your kids, they can be fully involved, and it will be a great learning experience. If you need professional guidance in certain areas, don’t hold back. Safety is essential, and you don’t want to cut corners. When the work is complete, celebrate together. Go all out and add to the fun. A ribbon-cutting ceremony or a housewarming will be a fantastic family experience.

Loft beds are an excellent idea for many reasons. From maximizing space to offering your kids a private getaway, loft beds are the way to go. What could be more exciting than a personal, secret fort for them to retreat to every day? And the benefits are so much more profound, encouraging creativity, stimulating imaginative play, and offering a sense of quiet and safety. So go wild, be ambitious – design the perfect haven for your child and create the ultimate space. If you have children who share a room, custom makes their loft to suit their individual interests and needs. You can even consider an inter-leading door to share their space when they choose to but maintain their privacy.