4 Trends and Predictions About the Future of Senior Living

21144462_sAging seniors are an incredibly large segment of the population. Their needs are difficult to design for without proper research and keeping up with the industry. Staying up to date is important as more information and study comes available and gives insight into the future of this aging community.

There are so many factors to consider, we thought it best to create an “update” on what many experts feel are happening now and will continue to occur in the future.

  1. Healthcare Integration

As long as 10,000 people keep retiring everyday (supposed to happen for another 10 years or so), there will also be an increasing need for healthcare. With changes to the healthcare industry, more and more medical treatments are likely to happen in retirement communities, senior living apartment complexes, and nursing homes.

Medical facilities on the property of many elderly communities will have to expand or be added to in order to handle the needs of a growing number of aging residents.

  1. Economical and Environmental

With so many retiring with little or no savings, the need for lower cost/lower expense living will be crucial to handle to needs of our society. Not only that, many lawmakers are considering the environmental impact of so many communities that cater to older individuals.

Most likely, this focus will result in the need for higher efficiency designs and a smaller carbon footprint. While many Baby Boomers don’t heavily consider the environment as much as others, they will enjoy the benefits of an Eco-friendly facility.

  1. Group Living

Independence is an important part to many who are older. However, that doesn’t mean they want to be left alone. A growing number of seniors are opting to share living arrangements with others of a similar age, or even with family members.

The trend seems to be going backwards to a time where larger families lived together to offset costs and take care of the aging family members. Due to financial hardships and a lack of quality communities, this option is growing at a rapid rate.

  1. Better Technology

Technology seems to be hitting a fever pitch. It’s no different in the realm of the elderly and disabled. There have been some incredible advancements that are truly making it easier for the elderly to live longer and more comfortable lives. As long as the industry stays “booming”, there will be no shortage of new gadgets and hardware that will revolutionize the problems of growing old.

SOSS has worked hard to develop one of these pieces of technology. It’s called the UltraLatch and can help many with disabilities open and close doors without twisting or even using their wrists. Here’s a great place to find out more about it.

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