5 Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation in the Assisted-Living Business

Digital Reputation Management for Senior Living Facilities
Online reputation has become incredibly important for assisted living businesses. The assisted living field is one that’s extremely competitive. In today’s world, you simply can’t stay in it without a strong online presence and reputation. We’ve outlined the following tips that can be used to increase your online presence and improve its reputation.

Consult a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies are experts in improving online presence and reputation. Arrange a consultation with one to identify what is and isn’t working with your online business model. If you’re in the unfortunate situation where you’ve developed a bad online reputation, a digital marketing agency can be the turnkey solution to change it. Reputation management is a service most digital marketing agencies will gladly provide.

Build Relationships

Building strong relationships is the best thing you can do for your online reputation. These relationships start in real life. Focus on your residents and their families. Make sure they’re satisfied with your facility and services. People are passionate and opinionated about the level of care their loved ones receive. If they are happy with your business, your online presence will without a doubt improve. Don’t be afraid to ask the families of your satisfied residents to write positive online reviews and social media posts. Remember, these are your evangelists and you want to utilize their positive opinions of your facility.

Use the Right Tools

An organized, easy to use website is important. You simply can’t have an online presence or good online reputation without one. Current and future customers should be able to go online and find you with ease. They should be able to use your site to find out everything there is to know about your facility and services. They should also be able to read and leave positive client reviews and testimonials.

Bonus Tip: Tools can also mean the fixtures that make your building better for residents. Our UltraLatch is the easiest-to-open door handle on the market.

Encourage Clients to Post Real, Positive Online Reviews

If you have a client that’s satisfied with your services, you can ask them to leave a positive online review. Make note that it’s important that you go about this properly. Only ask people you’re comfortable with to leave comments. Also, only ask people who have a real, genuine positive thing to say about you. False reviews and testimonials can be detrimental to your business.

Ask Clients How You Can Improve

In today’s online world, clients won’t tell you how you can improve. They’ll post it online. This isn’t fair, but it’s a reality. If you approach and ask your clients how you can improve, you can eliminate some of the negative online reviews you might get.

The above mentioned five tips can help strengthen and improve the online presence and reputation of your assisted-living business. Use one or any combination as a turnkey solution to get your business on the right track. Online presence and reputation is important. Ensure your business thrives by using it to your advantage.