Architecture Legacy: Keys to Designing Stunning Buildings


There are many reasons you may have chosen the field of architecture. However, it probably wasn’t fortune, fame, or even stability.

This particular field has some pitfalls, but with some benefits that are unmatched in any other vocation. When you design structures, your name will (even if silently) be attached to a long standing piece of a community. Your work will be utilized and enjoyed by countless people even if your name isn’t on the deed.

The only thing that could interrupt your satisfaction? Problems with your structure. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to keep your buildings standing long after you’re gone.

Ready? Let’s go to the drawing board.

Interesting: Frank Lloyd Wright (born in 1867) still has 409 structures standing today.

Location, Location, Location

While you may not have a large amount of say in where a new structure is going, it would benefit you to choose your projects based on a decent location. When it comes to longevity it comes down to the area.

We’re not talking about geological problems, but rather cultural. Choosing a town, or thoroughfare that’s on the decline will certainly mean doom for a building’s appreciation. While it may remain standing, it may not remain in the same form.

Example: You really don’t see too many McDonald’s restaurants closing up shop, but you’ll see other franchises and chains closing their doors often. It all comes down to the location being chosen by an entire team of designers, architects, and former city planners vs. someone with a hunch.

Unique, Yet Timeless

Once you’ve got a location that is sure to be the hot spot for at least a few decades you can begin designing your masterpiece. Depending on the amount of control, you may have an urge to “make a statement”.

Lax building codes and a loose cannon have made many buildings that haunt local residences. Your work belongs to the owner and the community and designing something that is a little too you could mean a tarnished reputation. Think a little more Guggenheim and a little less Chinese bird’s nest.

Use the Best Materials, Of Course

Having a client that wants to use sub par materials should be another deal breaker for your firm. Not only will this end up costing more in the long run, but it will not hold up until your golden years.

If you want to sit down on a bench and admire your contribution to the landscape, quality can’t be negotiable.

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