How a Bookcase Can Make Your Space Unique

Girl Reading in Secret SpaceRemember playing as a child and dreaming of secret rooms, boxes and clubs as part of your play. Thinking how neat it would be if you could actually have those spaces. At SOSS Door Hardware we have products that can make those childhood fantasies a reality. With our Invisible Hinges, you can design all kinds of practical and secret spaces. You can create bookcase doors, safe rooms, and secret cabinets to hide valuables. Over the next few articles we will be showing you ways to use our products to do just that.

When it comes to crafting the perfect space to call home, there are countless choices that need to be made. From kitchen cabinets to bedroom furnishings, the ways you can bring your own unique style to your home are endless. A great way to make your home your own is to showcase your library in a well-made, quality bookcase. By having a bookcase, you can properly showcase the books you have accumulated over the years as well as bring some unique styling to your library.

If you are looking for some really interesting ways to incorporate a bookcase into your space, check out these uncommon uses of bookcases.

As an Entrance

While having a bookcase as an entry point into a room of your house may not be the most common, it certainly is one of the coolest ways to separate one room from another.

By making good use of 9 model #220 invisible hinges, you can create a grand entrance into your very own secret reading room. With a large bookcase that is 146” high by 47” wide by 2-3/8” thick and weighs 990 pounds, you will be able to experience a feeling of awe every time you open the grand “door” into your private reading area.

Invisible Bookcase Door Created with SOSS Invisible Hinges

If you still want to create a world of your own but are looking for a bit smaller of a bookcase to separate the room from the rest of the house, you’re in luck. By using just 4 model #220 invisible hinges, you can have a more modest sized bookshelf measuring 72” high by 36” wide by 2” thick and weighing about 200 pounds.

Hidden Room Created with SOSS Invisible Hinges

As a Hiding Spot

If you don’t see yourself having any hidden rooms inside your house anytime soon but still want to have a hiding spot behind your wall of knowledge, consider a smaller bookcase with SOSS invisible hinges.

A perfect spot to hide your safe or other valuables is a bookcase between your prized possessions and the rest of your home. With 3 model #208 hinges, you can have your very own bookcase measuring 35” high by 18” wide by 1” thick coming in a just 49 pounds. With a bookcase this size, you will not only be able to have your secret spot within your home, but you will also be able to display wine or any other favorite items you need to!

By using these different shelves in unique ways, you can make your home unlike any other. SOSS invisible hinges are the perfect way to add a secret space, create character and value within your home.