Where Can Your Books Lead You?

Books have for a long time served as a way to visit other worlds and explore the life experiences of other people. By absorbing the knowledge of people who have experienced things you are going through or hope to go through, you can fast track your path to achievement. At SOSS Door Hardware we build the best invisible hinges on the market and with those hinges you can build some cool book shelf doors. In this article we will show you how.

On the other hand, by being swept away into the world of a fiction book, you can take your mind off the present and enter into another world.

For many people who have established large collections of their favorite books, their bookshelves are their favorite feature of their home. While many people enjoy looking at the titles of their books lined up neatly on the shelf, others use their bookcases to separate their secret rooms from the rest of their home.

By using SOSS invisible hinges, you too can have a bookshelf that doubles as a hidden entrance! If you are looking for some inspiration, here are just a few of the option available.

The Smallest Bookcase

If you have a more modest collection of books or want to simply make a tiny hiding spot, consider the smallest of the bookcase collection. At 18” wide by 35” high with a material thickness of 1” and weighing just 49 pounds, you will be able to store your favorite books and other memorabilia while hiding your valuables in plain sight. By using 3 model #208 invisible hinges, you can make this bookcase look completely unsuspicious to the untrained eye!

SOSS Invisible Hinges for Cabinetry is Ideal for Small Cabinets

A Medium Bookcase

If you have a few more books that you’d like to display, or want to hide something a little larger, consider going with the medium bookcase. A bit taller at 72” high by 36” wide with a material thickness of 2” and weighing 200 pounds, you will be able to showcase your favorite novel series and then some using 4 model #220 hinges. On the other side of the door, you could hide a large safe or even a secret room if your guests over 6 feet don’t mind watching their head as they enter!

SOSS Invisible Hinges for Doors are ideal for this book case door

The Largest Bookcase

For the avid book collector or someone looking to hide a secret room, the largest bookcase will get the job done right. At 146” tall by 47” wide with a material thickness of 2-3/8” and weighing 990 pounds, this bookcase can certainly serve as an entrance into your secret reading room! With the size of this bookcase, 9 model #220 invisible hinges will allow you to hang it properly with your guests just seeing the grand size of your book collection!

SOSS Invisible Hinges Makes Hinges for this large hidden book case door as well
With all of these options, there is sure to be something that will make a wonderful addition to your home. Use SOSS invisible hinges to create your own secret space.