Can Your Hotel Make the Hotel Impossible Cut?

Maybe you’ve watched the popular show called Hotel Impossible. It was created (and is hosted) by Anthony Melchiorri to help failing hotels by giving them a wake-up call. Unfortunately, some of the lodgings are near train wreck level when Anthony shows up.

He has a week and a limited budget to get the business back on the right track. The owners come away with a little humility, some goodies, and great advice from a pro.

How does that effect you (the architect, designer, or hotel owner)?

Simple. Your name will be attached to that place, forever. It’s part of your portfolio and, if it’s great work, it will be remembered positively. If it’s ran into the ground, not so much. But is there a way to help keep it in good health simply with your design.

We think so. Here are a couple of quick tips.

Do Your Homework

You may have some limitations on where the hotel will be located, but there are other things you can do to tip the scale back in your favor. Still, you can consider other buildings from the past that have had staying power in a community. Every city area is going to have ups and downs in popularity, but there are always structures that are well kept and active.

Hotels are already places that are constantly full of people. Find a couple of other key design elements (functional or aesthetic) that seem to be shared by popular area buildings.

Be Timelessly Trendy

There are trends and timeless looks. Trends can last a generation, but timeless designs never grow old. Putting in things that don’t go out of style will help your hotel stay relevant longer (and hopefully well taken care of).

Imagine how many hotels in South Florida have either traded in the pastels of the 80’s or gone out of business. There are a lot of hotel architects who are catering exclusively to the millennial crowd. While they are the next traveler, it may be just that generation who likes those certain elements.

What should be a focus instead?

Solid Choices

The most important step to helping any building you design stay relevant is to ensure it’s built well. Keeping the thing together with solid hardware and making sure it can last until the next generation is half the battle of making it stay off Anthony’s bad list.

Having a clean modern and unique design that isn’t easily forgotten will help as well. Take hotels such as the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore or the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver. Both hotels have a modern and clean design and both sport SOSS Door Hardware throughout to help them get and maintain that design edge.

Our Invisible hinges not only help you create timeless clean lines that have been enjoyed by several generations, they are also crafted to be the strongest invisible hinge on the market and don’t have the weaknesses of adjustable hinges. Once they’re installed, your doors will open and close every day the building stays standing. Visit or site to find a dealer near you.

If you are looking for more information about hospitality design trends please take a moment to download our free hospitality design guide today.