How to Build a Secret Closet [Step by Step]


Secret doors, concealed chambers and large hidden passages are awesome. But to think about putting one in your own home may seem as grandiose as some of the pictures we look at online.   

And no. Most people don’t need a network of tunnels leading to hundreds of square feet off of the home’s blueprint. That said, a secret space in the home has several benefits.

Even if you don’t have a walk-in closet or spare room, small closets can be converted in to a surprising space.

So, here are the steps showing how to build a secret closet.

How to Build a Secret Closet

Step One: Layout/Mapping

Once you’ve picked out the closet, it’s time to grab a tape measure and some grid paper. It’s important to see all of the details. Pay attention to the trim and moulding, fixtures that need moving and other details. 

If you miss details, the entrance to the secret portion of your closet will stand out and may draw undesired attention.

Step Two: Materials

To be honest, this step starts during the layout phase. As you draw out your secret vision, the materials become apparent. Here is an incomplete list of things that are most common.

  • Drywall saw
  • SOSS Wrap Around Hinges (Completely invisible and strong to hold your chosen entrance)
  • A safe (if you’re only housing valuables
  • Shelf (could be a great entrance, but not critical)
  • Phone Line (if you’re creating a safe room)
  • Fixtures (this can range from a light to additional closet fixtures and more)
  • Drywall and Trim (to make it look exactly like the rest of the closet)

Step Three: The Build

If you’re handy, this can be done yourself. Be careful to watch out for wiring and plumbing in the wall. If you’re not handy, it could be best to hire out. Maybe you have a friend or family member who can help. Plus, you’ll likely not mind if someone close to you knows about your secret room.

Step Four: Finishing Touches

After the outside of your secret closet is completely hidden, it’s time to set up the inside the way you like it. Depending on your original vision, these finishing touches are different. 

Maybe you need to add a phone, light and protection device for a panic room. Or, put in an easy chair and table to store books and have a secret reading room for you or your children. In whatever case, make it usable!

Step Five: Use the Secret Closet!

Once the closest is made — it’s a secret. But don’t let that mean you never use your hidden place. Of course, panic room hopefully aren’t used often. Using it as a store room is also infrequent. 

All that matters is that the space is performing the function you intended.