How to Build a Secret Room in Your Home

Hidden Bookcase Door

Over the past couple of years, we’ve written a decent amount of content surrounding the topic of secret rooms. This includes articles like:

In fact, we have entire categories devoted to this and other “hidden” topics. The content, in part, is due to the fact that SOSS has the best invisible hinges on the market. And invisible hinges are often necessary for a decent hidden entrance.

All that said, we figured it time to have a bit of information helping show you how to build a secret room — if you so choose.

Here goes.

How to Build a Secret Room

Step One: Choose the Best Place

There are a decent amount of potential spots for your hidden room. A couple of the most common include:

  • A corner of the basement: Most people don’t have a basement the same size as the rest of the house. So, if it’s a little smaller (because of your secret room) no one should notice.
  • An Entire Closet: Most bedrooms have closets and many people use a bedroom as a spare room or office. The closet in this room could be converted to your hidden room. (You could also hide the entire room, if it didn’t have a window.)
  • A Partial Closet: False walls conceal a portion of the closet in order to create a compartment for your small valuables.

Step Two: Draft a Plan (including function and design)

After you have the perfect location, it’s time to put together the detailed plan. For larger secret rooms, an architect and professional contractor is needed. If you’re handy, it’s still a sizeable project for DIYers.

Step Three: Get Your Materials 

Once you have the plan and measured twice, it’s time to gather all of the goods needed to build out the secret room.

Things including:

  • Tools
  • Lumber
  • Drywall
  • Fixtures (including SOSS hinges)
  • Finishing Touches (trim, furniture, decor, etc.)

Step Four: Build It Out!

The dream, the plan and the materials are all present. It’s time to build it out! 

Whether you’re building a true secret place (for a panic room or hidden safe) or you want it to show off to all of your friends — we wish you well on the adventure toward your secret room!