Ideas and Uses for Secret Compartments (Both Big and Small)


SOSS Invisible Hinges on Bedroom Door

The word “compartment” means different things. If you’re trying to hold little items, things like small safes and stashes work to conceal these valuables. Then, there are larger items. Some have created furniture and cabinets to hide these things. 

Finally, we have the largest items to keep safe — which includes things like your vehicles or even you and your family!

This article aims to give you a few ideas for creating small, medium and large secret compartments in your home or office.

Ideas for Secret Compartments

Small Secret Compartments

1. Door Stopper

A stopper on the door keeps your walls from having door knobs slam into them. It’s a fantastic single-service device. Better yet, they go unnoticed by everyone. 

This compartment needs a thicker, hollow door stop. Or, a use a small piece of PVC pipe and a cap to make it look like a normal stop.

Here’s a great tutorial showing exactly how this is set up.

2. Candle

These fragrant, and mostly decorative, elements of the home are nice to have. But when a thief breaks in, candles have a low perceived value. Hopefully that doesn’t hurt your feelings, but it does make a great opportunity to hide some things.

Here’s how to do it:

Hollow out a decent-sized candle, making sure to keep the wax removed as intact as possible to use as a plug. There are two ways to close up your small compartment.

  • Just put some of the was back in the hole you made.
  • Put some of the wax back in and then heat up the bottom a bit to smooth it out and make sure it looks like it always had.

If you do seal the bottom, it’s obvious that you won’t have quick access. And the candle is only going to be a small space for a bit of cash and perhaps jewelry.

Medium-Sized Compartments

1. Kitchen Chair

Kitchen chairs have never been a highly sought after item on the black market. Plus, this can be as simple as removing the top of the seat — depending on the type of chair.

If your chair doesn’t have a bottom, a thin piece of wood could be added and the top taken off with a hinge added.

2. Desk

This one can be tricky. Burglars often root through desk drawers and may even check for false bottoms. Really, this one may not be for everyone and could take some time. Essentially, you add a compartment that isn’t the normal place for storage in the desk.

Large Secret Compartments

One of the first thoughts when a hidden compartment comes to mind is a secret room. We have a great deal of content surrounding hidden spaces, passages and rooms. You don’t need a mansion, large house or even a basement to have one, either!

No matter what size compartment you choose, we hope that it’s a fun way to protect and hide your valuables.