Inexpensive Design Tips to Make Your Boutique Hotel Stand Out

When looking at how to separate your boutique hotel from the competition, it may seem like there is no way to win without simply outspending your main competitors. While doing the shopping for your hotel may be a whole lot of fun, paying the bills isn’t usually as exciting.

If you are looking for some ways to make your boutique hotel unique without breaking the bank, check out these inexpensive design tips below.

Spruce Up Your Paint Job

Even though painting is something that can be very time consuming, it will need to be done anyway. You wouldn’t just leave bare drywall up for your guests to look at, would you?

By taking some time to paint walls different colors that make the lobby, rooms, and hallways really stand out, you can begin to create a unique experience for your guests that will keep them coming back time and time again.

Have Some Fun in the Lobby

Throughout any hotel experience, the lobby is the first and last place seen by the guests. Because your guests will have your lobby as the first and last impressions of your entire hotel, doesn’t it make sense to make it a unique, welcoming place to be?

If you want to set yourself apart from other hotels, take some time to really make your lobby as welcoming as possible. Try finding some memorabilia specific to the town your hotel is located in and use it as decoration inside the lobby.

You can help your guests to experience your town and hotel like they wouldn’t be able to experience it any other place. By checking out your local flea market, antique stores, and even garage sales, you can pull this off on the cheap.

Use Invisible Hinges for Clean Lines and Quality Functions

If a guest is staying at your boutique hotel, they want a boutique experience. With that desire comes the expectation of quality and clean style.

By using SOSS invisible hinges in cabinets, closets, and throughout common areas, you can let your guests enjoy all the beauty your hotel has to offer while keeping things functional for a high quality stay in your hotel.

Being unique doesn’t have to mean outspending your competition. By taking some time to think about how your guests experience your hotel, you can make some small changes that will have enormous effects on the quality of their stay.