How Long Do You Want Your House to Last?

Luxury Homes use SOSS Door HardwareSOSS Door Hardware designs and builds products that outlast leading competitors. If you plan to stay in your home a long time then plan on using SOSS Door Hardware. Studies have shown that the average homeowner will move around every seven years. As with most studies, that is just an average of all home buying transactions. So, some people live in a home for a much shorter time frame and many stay in their home much longer.

The point is, there are many people who are still looking to live in a “forever” home.

If you are one of the individuals or family that does want to spend most of your life in one dwelling, you want it to be made to last. Homes can easily last 100 years or more, but not unless they are built well—using only the best materials.

The house can come together beautifully using both inexpensive and expensive products. However, better pieces in your home’s puzzle means less maintenance and a longer lasting dwelling.

So, what are some of the differences? Let’s take a look in both things you see and don’t see.

The Things You See

What you use to build the outside and interior of the home is vital to maintaining the look and feel you desire. If you were trying to sell in a few years or so, you’d want to go with relatively inexpensive and muted tones.

Although, we’re talking about a forever kind of home. That’s why you see so many older homes on the market with pink bathrooms and wood paneling.

The people who lived there were in it for the long haul. If you want to be satisfied with your home, pick the things you have and will always love. It’s your home and you don’t plan on going anywhere fast.

Pick the best materials, too. Things like brick, real wood, and quality stone. Countertops that can stand heat without warping or changing. A roof that will last a long time for the climate. Floors that can stand kids, grandkids, and even great grandkids running on them.

SOSS Invisible Hinges – The Things You Don’t See

Arguably more important than the things you see are the ones you don’t. All the materials that are working behind the scenes to keep things working properly. At SOSS Door Hardware we design and build products you DON’T see and sometimes it is what you don’t see that adds the elegance and clean lines to fine homes.

Sadly, this is where a lot of homeowners don’t take longevity into account. You see, the homes that last 100+ years are the ones that have quality components through and through. Choosing the best here is going to mean a lot less maintenance and costly problems as you move through life in your forever home.

Get nice copper pipes to stand up to a century of water and waste. High end wiring and fixtures to keep everything flowing properly. Door and cabinet hardware that can handle being open and shut for decades.