Small Living Space? Try a Murphy Dining Table


You’ve likely heard of a “murphy bed”. It’s a bed that is put up when not in use, leaving more room in a living space. These beds are perfect for small spaces. But have you heard of a “murphy dining table”?

A murphy table is similar in design to the bed. If you’re living in a small space, a table can become an intrusion most of the time.

However, this type of table is stored until needed, quickly set up and then put away just as fast when you’re finished.

Murphy tables are great for:

  • Studio apartments
  • Tiny houses
  • Extra desk space
  • Small rooms
  • Occasional events (like holidays or family gatherings)

Types of Murphy Tables

Of course, the most prominent type is the murphy dining table. When you’re ready to eat, just take it down. You remember, in yesteryear, when an ironing board was behind a little cupboard? When there were close that needed ironing — you simply opened the door, drew down the board, did your work and put it away.

Another example would be a desk. A hidden tabletop that swings up when you’re ready. These are perfect for tasks and hobbies that you don’t complete all day long. So, if you need to: 

  • Make out your bills
  • Practice writing
  • Make a quilt
  • Do another hobby

The table will be ready when you are.

Hiding your murphy table isn’t necessary either. It just needs to be secure to the wall.

Pre-Built or DIY?  

There are a number of professional, pre-built options for murphy dining tables and other types of tables. Going the prefab route is great for spaces that are fairly fluid. Mostly empty rooms that would seem cluttered with a full-sized table, yet big enough to fit one when the need arises.

DIY allows for more creativity and flexibility. One bedrooms or studio apartments could better use a small corner, meant for a traditional table, by creating a murphy table. Then, the space would be open the rest of the time.

There are a wealth of images and designs available, especially on Pinterest.

Ready to Build? Here’s What You Need for a Murphy Table

There are three main components to creating your own hidden table. 

  1. Tabletop: Big enough to fit everyone who will be eating (or working) and a sturdy material, yet not too heavy.
  2. Quality SOSS Hinges: SOSS makes the best hinges on the market. And our invisible hinges are perfect to hide your new murphy table.
  3. At Least One Leg: The table needs to rest when it’s down. A good hinge can also connect the leg(s), in order for your table to fold up nicely.

If you plan on a piece of furniture to hide your table (like a bureau or buffet), all of the materials for your furniture are also needed. 

And that’s it! Let us know if you’ve build a table for your space.