The Importance of Hardware: Outfitting Your Secret Door with The Best Option Available


If you’re in the process of updating your existing home or starting from scratch and building your dream house, you may be looking for inspiration on how to set your home apart from your neighbor. It could be a movie room or a larger laundry area, an official study to get away from the kids while working from home, or just a place to relax and read. But one thing is for certain: you’re going to need easy access to that new room.

You could opt for a traditional door or breezeway, but why not spice it up a bit? After all, this is your new space. To really set your room apart, you’re going to need something no one else has, and that’s a secret door.

A secret door has many benefits outside of the initial ‘cool’ factor and jaw-dropping reaction your friends and family will have. For one, it can be much better looking than a traditional door and can seamlessly blend in with the existing frame. It can also add an extra level of safety in the case of a break-in or emergency. But for the added safety and seamlessness of your door to truly excel, a hinge that’ll lie fully flush to trim or molding will be needed.

SOSS Door Hardware has been making innovative products since the early 1900s and the Invisible Hinge is the glue that will hold your secret door together.

SOSS Door Hardware’s Invisible Hinge offers your secret door high security, a smooth operation, and a premium appearance you won’t find anywhere else. When closed, the hinge cannot be seen or tampered with, creating a flush look between the door and frame to conceal any thoughts that a secret door exists. This is easily accomplished with the SOSS 518 Wrap Around invisible hinge. This revolutionary hinge will actually wrap around molding and trim when opening and closing to completely hide the reveal line.

The Invisible Hinge features a fully adjustable spring that allows the closure rate to be adjusted even after the door has been installed. And for added protection, consider a fire-rated SOSS Invisible Hinge to ensure maximum protection.

Once your secret door has been equipped with an available SOSS Hinge, you’re going to need to consider how you’ll enter your secret room.

Depending on where your secret door is and what will be in your secret room, the options for how to move your secret door are endless. If you’re building a secret door into an existing structure like a bookcase, you could opt for a pulldown lever that’s attached to a book. If your secret door blends into a wall, you could opt for a pressurized system that you could open by applying pressure with your foot or hands.

The options for opening your secret door are limitless, but a truly secret door won’t be completely hidden without the perfect hinge. So, as you’re building out your secret room and considering the best secret door placement, make sure you nail the basics and opt for a SOSS Invisible Hinge to truly hide your secret door in plain sight.