Hidden Room Ideas

Have you always wanted a secret space or hidden room in your home? It may seem like a lofty goal that is not quite pragmatic, but why not? A secret room is defined as any room or area of the home that is inside but is out of sight. Movies and pop culture have given us a peek at some clever secret room ideas that we all want in our own home- whether using them for panic rooms, home offices, or even a sewing space!

Designing and constructing a secret space could be easier than you think, depending on the layout and configuration of your property.

With that in mind, consider these hidden room ideas:

First, You Need an Entrance 

Perhaps the reason that the room is secret is that the entrance or door is hidden from plain view. The ideal secret space will be one that nobody realizes is there- except you, of course. This is achieved through the clever use of your entry.

The Built-in Bookshelf 

A built-in bookshelf that doubles as the door to your hidden room are very ‘James Bond-esque’ and clever. It is still functional, yet it is also a feature that guests may walk past and never realize has a room behind it.

The key to a revolving bookshelf door is to only adapt a portion of the bookshelf to become the entry. You can buy prefabricated bookshelf doors- or ‘invisidoors’- at most home improvement retail venues. It seems that many people are using them to create their own in-home lairs.

The Turning Wall or Fireplace 

Another way to shock and surprise visitors is to invest in a turning wall or faux fireplace to be used as the entry to your hidden room. Some secret room ideas use this to create a private at-home office that is inaccessible to children or other members of the household. Let’s not forget the scene from Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade where the entire fireplace turns into a secret base– very cool and functional, too.

The Narnia 

Familiar with the Narnia Chronicles? If you have a decent-sized closet in your home, this may be a potential entry for your hidden room. In the movies, a closet opens into a whole new and different world- probably not the case with your own wardrobe and secret space, but compelling, nonetheless. Again, the layout of your home will dictate the best options for your secret room as well as the most practical way to enter.

These entry ideas are chic and will keep your hidden room a secret, but there are some other ideas that may make more sense for your distinct space. For instance, your room may be under the living space, so a door in the floor may be the best solution. Simple panels can also be used to conceal and camouflage a door to a room behind the wall. This is a versatile option that may work for you, too.

Next, You’ll Need a Purpose for the Room 

So, what are you planning to use your secret room for? Half the fun of creating a hidden space in your home is deciding what you will do with it. From offices to playrooms, the choice is yours! Consider all kinds of ways to make the most of your cool, new space.

7 Unique Hidden Room Ideas

1. Hidden bathroom

Surprisingly, a hidden and secret bathroom is a lot more common than you may think. Many people are tucking these amenities behind a mirror in the study, a paneled wall in the den, or a staircase- simply for the added convenience, and a conversation starter, as well.

2. Customized cupboard

Another fun idea is to use a customized cupboard for access to an out-of-the-way playroom or hangout to lounge in. This is a great use of rooms and spaces that are oddly configured or too small for other purposes.

3. Secret movie room

Have you always wanted your own media or screening room? This is another idea that makes the most of a hidden space. These unique rooms are often found in high-end homes and properties, providing another feature that attracts the rich and famous. Consider adding a hidden media or screening room to increase your home’s value! Talk to your builder to learn more.

4. A safe for valuables

You may choose to use your hidden room for a covert gun cabinet, vault, or a safe behind a bookcase. This keeps these valuable possessions secure and safe- while also keeping them out of sight. The SOSS 504 Wrap Around Invisible Hinge is ideal for hidden cabinet projects. The SOSS 518 Wrap Around Invisible Hinge is ideal for full-sized hidden doors.

5. Mancave or she-shed

Get creative and consider adding spiral stairs in or under the garage that lead to a man cave! This is the perfect location, plus the garage may offer unfettered access and space potential that you lack in your current home.

6. Hidden wine cellar

Another popular secret room idea is to create your own wine cellar. These can be fit in most hidden spaces, but one suggestion is to position them behind the bar, hidden in the floor. A self-lifting, trap door provides access and entry to a climate-controlled environment that can be customized to fit any number of wine bottles, liquors, or kegs for easy access when entertaining.

7. Storage or playrooms

Make the most of odd-shaped spaces, like the area under a staircase, for example. These typically can be easily modified to create a unique, albeit small, play space for young children. This also helps to keep toys on and off the stairs themselves.

If you have a distinct purpose for your hidden room in mind, let the contractor know ahead of time. They may be able to offer additional ideas or suggestions that would improve the space.

All That’s Left is the Build! 

What are you waiting for? It is time to get started on building and constructing your secret room! The first and most important aspect to consider is who you are going to hire to do the job. That is, you will likely need a contractor for the modifications necessary to design and build a hidden room in your home.

Check online reviews and customer feedback to see what is said about the contractors in your region- and ask around for recommendations. A qualified and reputable builder will provide free estimates for your room- plus they will be insured when working on your property. Talk to prospective hires to determine if you both share a similar vision for your space- be realistic about your expectations, but make sure that you both are on the same page regarding the outcome.

Thinking about adding a secret room to your home? Here is what you need to know to build a hidden room of your own. Use these tips and work with a qualified builder or contractor to add intrigue- and value- to your property today.